söndag 21 november 2010

Finnish Delight!

This will be a short post as I haven't really found my inspiration yet. I still do two-week manicures (and getting away with it :-p )
This is my current, and I've worn it on my nails for two weeks, so please excuse the tip wear.

Lumene Make Impact is a pink holographic! I love this color but now I waited fourteen days for sun to show it to you. No game!

In deep overcast daylight it looks like a shiny shimmery pink. In real life, it has a very interesting golden holographic effect, it verges on duochrome but it is really a holographic golden shimmer. Subtle but very catching!

To show you the holo, I had to use artificial light and a flash. Crappy pictures that reminds me of my start as a blogger but the best I could do today. Three coats plus top coat (my thick and awful SV, I haven't replaced it yet)