tisdag 7 augusti 2012

Pure Ice Wild Thing

This summer it has not been easy to find even a minute of sunshine for photography. I'm seriously considering buying a light box even though I'm not an accomplished photographer at all. Until the sun shines again (or I cave in and get some indoor equipment) a notw from May will have to suffice to keep the blog alive.

This is Pure Ice Wild Thing. It really is a perfect polish for spring in the north, the color reminds me of budding birch leaves, so fresh and light. It's a light green creme, leaning a little yellow, keeping the lobster hands at bay. 
I have to excuse myself for the application and state of my cuticles, this is not my best manicure.  :-p

Application was no problem except for one single annoying bubble on my pointer nail. That was probably my fault and not the polish. It went on a bit thick but leveled out reasonable well at the second coat. This is 2 coats, usual base and top coat. I really liked it on my nails and with one little touch-up it stayed put for more than a week.

And at last, just to emphasize how my summer has been so far, I leave you with this picture (source unfortunately unknown, but I couldn't resist):