onsdag 30 september 2009

That's Why!

So, here is the (totally OT) reason I own so much yellow nail polish. I am a proud owner of a yellow car! It is an Audi S4, 2004 model and I'm totally in love with it!

Ever since I've bought the car, I have tried to find a matching polish. My best shot so far is a swedish brand, Depend, and it was actually a special release with flag colors released for Soccer World Championship which is a big deal in Sweden.

To take this love into perspective, I am also a proud mother of two beautyful girls, aged 4 and 6.

I have heard that other mothers have nightmares of their kids being kidnapped, that has never happened to me.

Several times though, I woke up with a sweat on my forehead and my heart wildly beating after dreaming that my car was stolen.. ;-)

tisdag 29 september 2009

Guess Why?

I have a database for my nail polish.
(ok, I admit it, I'm a total nerd, now sue me.. ;-) )

The other day I made a search for a single word, and then started to pick up the polishes that came up in the search (not all, I kind of lost interest during the way).

Now, the question is not what word I searched for since that is pretty self explanatory, but why do I own all this polish?

First right answer gets a big applause, (and no, the answer is not that I'm a crazy PolishPig.. ;-) )

söndag 27 september 2009

The Manicure That Wasn't

So, it is Sunday again and time to prepare for another week at "the big mill where no polish is allowed". Nobody cares that I got my coveted "blog polishes" Scrangie, Mismas and Orbis Non Sufficit from RBL sitting right in front of me on my desk.

Alas, they will have to wait for safer times.

This week, I found a manicure that is so sheer it's almost not there at all. Except when the sun strikes and reveals a multitude of little holo glitters!

Actually, I really like it! It also does a good job of covering any yellow discoloring of past nail treatments, as it has a very light pink base color.

This is Orly Robo Romance, in natural daylight, shade and sun, three coats over a thin base (NailTek III). CG FF on top.

torsdag 24 september 2009

Total Orly Fail!

So, the other day one of my nails went MIA during a specially cumbersome moment at work. Time to try out the Orly nail repair kit with powder and glue, the one so many bloggers has raised to the sky recently. I had my kit stored in my trusty Helmer, ordered from HeadToToe and ready to roll!

Talk about total fail!
I first opened the glue bottle. Somehow I got the cap but nothing else. When I looked at it I realized that the brush part was still in the bottle and the cap had separated into two parts. Well, I’m not a picky customer, so I figured I maybe could pry the brush part from the bottle and use it anyway.

Double fail!!
I managed to pry the brush part from the bottle, and what happened? Here a picture says more than a thousand words!
Yes, I got a nice stick (keep your thoughts to yourselves, ladies..;-) )
But in this case, a stick without brushes is not much use, right?

I will mail HeadToToe with a complaint and let you all know how how it turns out. My poor nail, I had to cut it down to painfully short..

lördag 19 september 2009

The Queen of Beige

Finally, I got around to trying out my first polish out of the recent Orly Satin e-bay haul. Not too surprising, a very neutral colour now adorns my nails, 711 Orly Satin Vision. I really like the finish, it not chalky matte, but definitely not shiny. Satin is a very good description of the finish. It is sensitive to nail ridges and it is hard to avoid a streaky finish, but if you don’t look a the nails with a magnifying glass they will look great anyway. This is 3 coats over a base coat, no top coat of course.

tisdag 15 september 2009

Rimmel Play Fast Street Wear

Tonight I'll only give you a mani from the archive. This is Rimmel, Play Fast series in the colour Street Wear. It was two coats with top coat. No fuzz easy application. I really like this line of polish and I have quite a few of them. If they're still available in some drugstore or dustie, they have my highest recommendations. Myself, I snagged them out of e-bay, drug store brands are often hopelessly htf here in Sweden..

söndag 13 september 2009

California Dreamin'

This weekend I really tried to catch up on all my favourite blogs. No easy task I tell you, the blog roll just keeps growing..

So instead of writing, I been reading, and I have really enjoyed myself, so much talent out there among you ladies.. :-)

I guess I needed the break after last week, which was filled with work.

So, getting ready for a new work week, this is Sinful Colors California. I'm usually not very comfortable with sheers, but this manicure won my heart. That 's why I'm spamming you with pictures of it tonight..
This is two layers on top of a base coat and a french manicure polish from Sally Hansen (I got it in a tiny bottle with no name on it as a sample). CG Fast Forward on top.

måndag 7 september 2009

My first NOTD (old stuff)

This week, I have a lot of work to do and I don't have much time left for blogging I´m afraid.
So, I looked through my private photo album to see if there was anything I could use. I stumbled upon these, the first pictures I ever took of my nails.
Really, it was just two pictures to try out my brand new compact digital camera, and I never intended anyone to view the pictures. One of my nails is mended which shows pretty much in the photos but was nearly invisible in real life.

This is OPI DS Design, my number one favourite polish in the world, and the first time of my life I took a picture of my nails!

fredag 4 september 2009

Orly Satin Wonderland

Tonight I just bring you a very short post of a recent e-bay haul. This is all discontinued Orly Satin Shades. I haven’t even had the time to try them out, but I love the pretty colours!

onsdag 2 september 2009

Running With Perfection!

So, unfortunately, my poor nails couldn't cope with with my new work, and before two days had gone by, I had three split nails. I decided to try the repair kit from Orly that I have read much praise about, I was not very happy about it but I'll tell You that story in a different post.
Today it's simply a new NODT, in the middle of the week which is a tad unusual for me. I choose a colour that has been waiting in my stash since my last visit to New York almost a year ago. Sephora by OPI, Run With It!

Well, I'm truly in love! Flawless application in two coats, beautiful colour and a very secret shimmer..

Forgivness for my nail ridges and terrible cuticles, I put this on last night after trying to mend my nails with the Orly set, and since then I really have abused my hands today. As soon a I came home tonight , I pulled out the camera to catch the dying sun, no time to tend to cuticles. Unfortunately, my ridge filler is begging to be retired as well, so the close-ups are not very flattering.

On ordinary wiewing distance though, Run With It! looks absolutely stunning!!