lördag 30 januari 2010

China Glace Mahoganie

Indeed, I'm late to the party again. This is my opinion of CG Mahoganie, last week's notd.

I wasn't very impressed at first.

It was opaque in two coats but with one coat of SV on top, it felt very bumpy indeed.

It looked all right, but being a feeler/picker/scratcher, that does not go all the way in my book. So, I was on the verge to turn the polish down as not wearable.

Luckily, just as I was going to get rid of my manicure, RL stepped in the way and I did not have the time to change my polish, just to do a quick fix.

So, I put on another coat of Mahoganie, followed by two thick coats of Seche Vite.


That's the way to treat this polish! After a total of 3 coats of polish and 2 thick layers of top coat, my nails were smooth as a baby's ... skin ;-)

As it turned out, if you layer it on thick like this, it wears like iron too. After a week I had to let it go 'cause of the color, otherwise I think it would still be on my nails a fortnight after applying it.

Beautiful hard wood, right?

lördag 23 januari 2010

Get That Glittah Off!

Now, first let me point out, that this is not my idea. The technique has been featured on a lot of nail blogs lately, and that is how I came to know about it.

But, as I still see frequent sighs and complaint on the removal of glitter polish, I wanted to carry my little stick of knowledge to the great fire. So, If you never tried this before, do it now. I use this way of polish removing for all polish now, not just glitter. Much faster and it feels like it's kinder to my cuticles as well.

Pictures are pretty self explanatory.

First prepare 10 small wads of cotton pad or ball (I cut my round remover pads in quarters, works great). Cut 10 small pieces of aluminum foil.

Second, use a generous amount or your favorite remover on the cotton wad, wrap around your nail. Wrap the tin foil round to keep the remover to dry.

Relax for a couple of minutes by reading my blog ;-).

Third, and here comes the trick of the tail (and yes, ancient music reference here, bonus point to anyone getting this without googling ;-P).

When removing the tin foil/cotton wad, take it in a firm grip and wiggle it a little. This will cause almost all of the glitter to get stuck to the cotton wad. Press down on the nail as you slide the foil parcel of the nail. Follow up with an extra cotton wad drenched in remover to get any residue while it is still soft and easy to swipe off.


onsdag 20 januari 2010

Illamasqua Milf

This will be a short post, I will let the picture talk. This is truly a great polish! (with a cheeky name, something I don't mind at all)

This is three coats over Nubar Foundation base coat, SW on top. Milf is a thick formula and if you're better than me with the brush I'm sure you can get good coverage with two coats. I like the end result though so it was surely worth three coats. Fast setting and durable end result, I'm still wearing this and is on the fifth day of wear without any chipping.

No sun for the last 4 days so the pictures are taken in heavy overcast. Since it is still cold here everything takes on a white, dreamy quality of light. Fairy tale mood, we are all trapped here by the Winter Queen. Beautiful, but a little scary too!

I wish you a great winter day!

söndag 17 januari 2010

Ciaté Blood Bath!

The smell that tells you something awful happened, and probably to a gorgeous polish you wanted for a long time.

This is the Ciaté collection. The poor murder victim is called Power Dressing. This is the fall collection from 2009, and apart from the crime that has obviously taken place here, it is a lovely collection.

Look how the ones left seems all forlorn, I will have to comfort them somehow.. but they are so messy!!

I bought it at ABC Beauty Shop and I have been very happy with their customer support and shipping in the past. They ship internationally and are a pleasure to deal with.

This time the wrapping was not enough, they just wrapped a single layer of bubble plastic around the package of nail polish. I tried to save the remaining polishes, but they were terribly stained and had all suffered from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). I will try to get a new lot from ABC Beauty Shop, and I'll keep you all updated on the progress.

The biggest question here is: Whodunnit? Was it the mail man? I will keep my suspicions to myself for now and investigate further.


I have gotten a very fast and polite reply from ABC Beauty Shop. They will resend the collection to me ASAP.

Great news! I do trust them, the only other issue I have had with them was resolved in the same way, fast and polite. If you live outside Great Britain and still have a soft spot for these bowed beauties, try ABC Beauty Shop.

(and I'm not affiliated or payed by them in any way, I am just a happy customer)

lördag 16 januari 2010

MNBB - MyNailsButBetter!

I have heard of lip colors that are "my lips but better" - mlbb. I didn't really think that the same concept would work for nails, but Essie proved me wrong. This is Rock Candy from the holiday collection. I debated with myself before I ordered this, a sheer pinkish color, did I really need it?

Yes, I did!

The story is as follows. In short, streaky, streaky, streaky and perfect!

This is my new "no-polish polish". With this I can fool even the head nurse that I have clean, healthy and unpolished nails, even if they're a tad to long.

This polish hides your stained nails and the pink balances any yellow tone. This is four rather thick coats, and I don't regret a minute of the time I spent with this polish. Does the world hold a better moment than finding a new loved one!

söndag 10 januari 2010

A Rosy Reflection

I'm tired today after a very intensive but inspiring week of work. New Years Day I choose a manicure that I hope will bring a bright future to me 2010. This is OPI Rosy Reflections, part of the ltd. Reflection set from Fall 2009.

This is a foil like polish, like a pale rosy Trixie (from Zoya). A dense shimmer with micro glitter and not a single brush stroke. Extremely easy to apply and very durable.

The sun pictures were taken today, after 10 days wear. Two days ago, I shortened the tips and put on a thin new top coat but no other touching up has been done, and I really did not have any tip wear before that, I just needed to trim the length of my nails and wanted to seal the edges afterwards.

The three first pictures, of my seldom seen right hand, is outside in winter sun, the last one is outside in shade.

I like this polish, it has a satiny finish. It works in festive settings because of the foil and hidden micro glitter, but it never gets in your face, and I consider it work safe too.