söndag 18 november 2012

Maybelline Colorama Steel Wheeling

Let me do a quick post about an oldie that's been in my archive forever. Actually the reason for it to appear here is a swap group on Facebook. I put this polish up for swap (well, my back up - I am slowly accepting that I will not need any back up's for the next 350 years or so..).
I wanted to link to my blog post and found out I never wrote one. So excuses about the photos, even in my early blogging days I probably thought them so crappy I never posted them.

But by omitting to publish because of the crappy photos, I really did this lovely polish wrong. It needs to be shown as I am certain there are still bottles lurking in dollar stores and on ebay auctions.

This is two easy coats of Maybelline Colorama Steel Wheeling 160. Basecoat and top coat as usual. Great holographic glitter in a greige shimmer base. Endurance was good, I wore the polish for at least five days working with my usual mani-stressful job. 

  If you should run in to this little gem I suggest you get your greedy polished fingers around it asap. And if you're in the facebook group Lacka-Byt, well hurry up before someone beats you to it! ;-)

lördag 17 november 2012

Depend 6005

In an attempt not to let the blog die completely, I recruited help. Therefore, I proudly present Polish Piglet Sonja, showing Depend 6005. 
This is one in the abundance of magnetic polishes that hit us this year. Actually, I like it very much. The pretty basic chocolate brown colour is given a pretty twist by some unexpected holographic glitter. Best seen on the unfocused picture below.

This is a single coat, no top coat. Very fast drying time. On larger nails, I would use two coats, but little miss Polish Piglet does not favor long periods of sitting still doing nothing with her hands. She'd rather go ahead and eat some candy, proof is in the pictures.

måndag 12 november 2012

China Glaze I Herd That

So I bet you all thought, well this crazy Swedish blogger, she drowned, that's a pity.  

It was a close call but I finally managed to hitch a ride with this big boat called the Arc. I noticed many strange things with this boat, there are animals walking all over the deck and the captain seems to know nothing about navigating, he just walks around drinking wine and looking dazed. 

So now we have been sailing for more than three months in this awful, merciless rain, no sun, no land in sight. 
Until today, when I finally caught a glimpse of the sun. 

What I did? Of course, I raced down to my bunk and put on my prettiest polish (or the one nearest the edge of the desk..) and rushed back out again.

China Glaze I Herd That from the Safari collection from this spring 2012 (before the rain, I guess Kalahari is a mudslide by now..)

Bliss! this is three coats with two coats of SV, the polish is a top coat eater. But zoo worth it! ;-)