torsdag 31 december 2009

A Good Riddance Of Bad Rubbish! (and I wish You all a better 2010)

I decided to keep the manicure with Tiara over the Maybelline polish. We're having King Crab tonight, and since the polish is wearing like iron, I thought it would be a good move.

Not to bore you entirely, I bring you RBL Moxie. A pale whitish gold, very opaque, very nice and very discontinued. Maybe I'll change to this in the morning, maybe not.

I have not had an entirely happy year, hence the title of this post. I wish You all a better 2010 because even if your 2009 has been fantastic, there is always room for improvement, right?


tisdag 29 december 2009

Twinkle Twinkle Layering

I tried out a possible New Year manicure last night. I have an old Maybelline, Twinkle Twinkle who is supposed to be a possible dupe for Essie Starry, Starry Night.

Well, if that is a dupe, my lemming for Starry, Starry Night disappeared in a hurry. It turned out a dark blue, gloopy mess with small silver flecks sparsely scattered. Possibly, my bottle just needs thinning, so I'll give it another chance before stamping rubbish all over it.

Last night I didn't have the patience though, so I just quickly covered it with one layer of Nubar Tiara. That is the top coat sold together with the Royal Gems collection that was released earlier this fall. What do you think? Could it pass for a New Years Eve Manicure?

I haven't made my mind up yet, but I like how it looks. It makes me curious of what Tiara will do to the polishes is what meant for, the Royal Gems.

(and, I have to tell you, something with the blogger image transfer just royally f*cked up, so the pictures you see are two of the ones I cancelled. The one I saved for you is nowhere to be found, they are in my picture archive just like they're supposed to, but impossible to find in blogger. Well, it is this or nothing!)

lördag 26 december 2009

OK, I hear you, you're not satisfied yet.. ;-)

Do you need a new notd?

I will be happy to bring you my last years christmas offer.

I worked the whole holiday in hospital ward and I really did have the impression that the patients not critically ill, where they would not even have noticed anything greater than real life valkyria's with a big sword, trying to scare and scorche the illnes away.

They actually looked at my bright colored nails and took comfort in them. I believe I heard a comment on my nails about 30 times that day, and none of them were critical, just happy and complimental! I sent very many kids on their merry way home that day..
(then I went home and that is really a different story)

edit: I forgot to tell you about the polish. It is China Glace Red Stallion, great shimmer, no streaking problems. This is 2 coats and top coat if I remember correct.

fredag 25 december 2009

Ho, Ho, Who Stole My Nails..?

…and used them as his coat hangers!

My Santa turned out to be a real Robin Hood, stealing from the rich (in talent) and giving the idea to me.

The richly talented lady in question is Beauty Judy who came up with this wonderful christmas manicure a couple of days ago.

I used Ciaté Snatch for the red coat, white and black nail art polish from Art Deco. I didn't have any silver for Santa's belt buckle, but as it turned out this Santa is from the 'hood and he wanted Bling, so it worked out all right with a gold glitter nail art polish instead (swedish no-name brand).

A special Merry Christmas to Judy for giving me inspiration for this one!

torsdag 24 december 2009

Happy Holidays!

To all my friends in the nail polish part of cyber space, let me wish you a happy holiday, celebrating christmas or not.

The 22 of december was the shortest day of the year, so now the sun is returning, that is enough to merit a celebration if you live way up north.

Todays manicure is red like Santa Claus' coat, or red as the bonfires my ancestors lit up to celebrate mid winter and the pagan nordic gods.

Ciaté Snatch is a vivid red, not on the blue side but definitely not orange ether. This is a colour that makes men turn their heads! Pure creme. I used two coats but if I had been more careful one would have been enough.

onsdag 23 december 2009

They Came Through the Snow

..and they clearly wanted my soul ;-)

This is really a silly post, but I was so happy yesterday I couldn't help myself.

The beautiful winter weather, my new polishes from Ciaté and the fact that Christmas is almost here just made me a little silly. And of course I have to share with you. One of the polishes makes up my current manicure, can you guess which one?

A bonus picture of our drive way - winter wonderland!

måndag 21 december 2009

Christmas With Charity

Finally, I made my last appearance at work for this year! Time to decorate the house for Christmas, buy the last gifts and most of all, time to relax with the family! (and a bottle of nail polish..)

Last week's notw was Zoya Charity.

I had a very busy work week that didn't end until 08.00 this morning. This polish worked with me all the way, from last saturday, 11 whole days of wear. Today I'm taking it of because I can't wait to paint my nails in a brighter colour, but there is hardly any tip wear and not a single chip. Fantastic!

The colour is a chameleon that I still don't really know how to describe. Is it a mauve? Is it a taupe? Does it shimmer?

In cloudy daylight or office light, it looks like a very shiny mauve creme, at least on my fingers. In low lamp light it's more like a light brown or taupe. There is a gold shimmer that will surprise you in a good way when you least expect it to.

The pictures are cloudy outside (actually snowing a little, brr), artificial halogen light and artificial light with flash. I used 3 coats over Nubar Foundation, SV on top. I will return to Zoya Charity as I will to my other favorite charities. After all, Christmas is a time for giving!

tisdag 15 december 2009

Where a Picture says more than a 1000 words

Nubar Midnight Glory.

This is a hard polish to capture. I tried in flash light, in "natural" indoor halogen light and finally in very cloudy natural light outside. One thing every one can agree on I think, is that this is a remarkable beautiful polish. Multi chrome, sometimes pink, sometimes gold. sometimes with a strong baby blue flash and sometimes more lavender. Just fascinating!

3 coats + top coat. It could easily had been enough by two coats, but it was a little lumpy and I wanted to make it perfect..

lördag 12 december 2009

MIA - Here is the reason (OT)

I'm so behind posting here, and if you miss me, I'm sorry for the lack of updates the last two weeks. You see the reason above!

Yes, that is right, a new computer came to live with us, and it's a mac. I adore it, but now I'm in the middle of making the transition from one platform to another, trying to move important documents (aka my swatches and wish list ;-D) and learning to deal with the MacOS.

Actually, I didn't even change my manicure, so I wore the lovely trench coat for two weeks straight. That is a record for me, but shows to prove what a fantastic polish Under My Trench Coat is. So far, I have yet to be disappointed by a $OPI. It is so worth the extra buck, if you ask my opinion.

Now, I have a new manicure, and as soon as get myself sorted out, I'll show it to you.

And, if this post looks strange in any way, blame my new computer.. ;-)

onsdag 2 december 2009

Hidden Treasures

This week has been busy for me. I haven’t even had time to update with my notw until now. The manicure of the week is $OPI Under My Trench Coat. I snuck out during work yesterday to get some photos in the sun. The sun was setting, it was freezing (-5 C) and the pictures could have been better, so excuse me for red and frozen fingers..

Anyway, the polish is great! Do you see the gold glimmering under the greige surface? It has just enough golden shimmer to be a really shiny but inoffensive neutral crème in office light, but in the sun or in bright light, this coated baby wears gold spun silk underneath!

Three coats plus Seche Vite top coat, under Nubar foundation. It was a little thick and lumpy, but the end result is very pleasing, I have now had the manicure for three whole work days without a single chip and not any tip wear at all.