onsdag 28 april 2010

My Kind of Mannequin

Today I bring you a short post showing last weeks manicure. Petites by Scherer Halo Beige. This polish is still on my nails, after a quick brush up with a fourth layer of polish, it had to make it another week. It holds up surprisingly well actually. Pictured is three thin coats and SV as top coat. It is a sheer polish, but that was what I wanted, so I'm happy with my vnl's. As the name suggests, it is beige, but has a subtle red flash to it. It reminds me of an old China Glace called Lady Sings the Hues. I like it a lot. Mannequin with a twist!

It will be even more quiet here the week to come. Tomorrow, I leave for a business trip and I will not be back until next friday.

Have a great spring week!

söndag 18 april 2010

My Big Haul!

Remember my 65 bottle haul? Here it is!

Sadly missing in action is Color Club Pardon My French, where one bottle had made havoc with the whole collection. I'll tell you about that business in time..

All the other beauties are present and counted for. Here is OPI, Misa, China Glace and Color Club. Here is both the Foil FX and the Sweet collection from Orly. Here is CND.

Happy, happy!!

All Safety Aboard! (to no avail)

This was originally just an answer to a comment of my last post, but I needed to make it a separate post..

Mighty Lambchop,
Thank you! About bridal nails, your comment brought a really bitter-sweet smile to my face..
I agree with you, this manicure will fit any bride. As for myself, I have married two times, to the same man (1990 and 1999). I know, I'm not Liz Taylor anyway, but still, maybe a bit unusual :-p

The sad part of it is that we are likely in the midst of divorcing again. Our current marriage brought us two lovely kids, daughters now almost 5 and 7 years old, and I have so very, very, very much tried to hold this marriage together because of them. Alas, I can not do so any longer and their daddy is moving out in the first part of June (as of his choice - not mine).
So, I will try to swap my precious bottle of Orly Opal Hope to any aspiring bride out there..
Bring me Something Tall and Strong instead, I will need it.
I would suggest Wife Goes On or A Woman On The Verge, but I already have those in my stash. Maybe I need to be Revved Up & Red-y?

fredag 16 april 2010

Putting Up New Curtains

With inspiration from Sminkans comment to my last polish post, where she thought my Orly Opal Hope polish looked like her aunties curtains from the '80s, I couldn't help myself, I had to try to lace up the polish a little.
Hmm, maybe the result looks more like my aunties lingerie than her curtains.. ;-)

I used Konad m71 and Konad white special polish. Bear in mind, I'm not a Konad artist like some of you ladies. Actually, this is my second attempt ever.

Anyway, I think it looks fugly and fun. At a glance I doubt anyone would notice the flower pattern, but when you look close, it's there.

Have a great weekend my friends!

onsdag 14 april 2010

Mmm, Candy For Me!

Yay, I'm a real blogger now! :-D
For the first time, I have received a product for evaluation. It is a cuticle oil called Cuticle Candy, made by Paradise Potions. I received it from the truly awesome Kim at Overall Beauty, the e-tailer who sells me all my beautiful BB Couture polish. If You ever want to get some BB couture, go to Overall Beauty!

So, what do I think about Cuticle Candy? After using it daily for about two weeks, I must say I am really pleased. It smells very nice, just like mint candy, and I found myself longing for it during the day (I use it every evening)..

It absorbs quite fast, and my cuticles feels soft and nourished. Of course, for lasting effect I need to try it for a much longer period, but since it has pushed all my other cuticle oils and treatments out of the competition, I think it was time to tell you about it. I am positive I will order some more of this when my bottle runs out. As you can see, it will take many weeks of use until that happens, and that makes me happy too!

söndag 11 april 2010

An Opal Hope for Spring!

Not much updating going on here, I have a very busy schedule this spring, and I have to keep up with that, no matter what..

Last week, I wore another of the Misa sheers in the Sugar collection, it looked just like my last post, more so since we did not get a ray of sun shine all week.

Today, I tried a newly bought polish, Orly Opal Hope. I thought it was a sheer, but after two coats, it is nearly opaque. Since that was not what I aimed for, I was not really happy about it.
But suddenly, I got some evening sun and I decided to take a picture or two of it after all. Strange, but I like it much more after that, maybe seeing it in he sun showed the polish to its very best advantage.

I let you decide, is it worth keeping? I could use it for my daughters (5 and 7 years old) except they always want black, deep purple or dark green :-p)

lördag 3 april 2010

Help! I'm transforming..!

I keep changing shape lately, getting smaller, more scrawny, with big yellow eyes and a sallow greenish skin tone.

Yes, you've got it right, I am slowly changing into Gollum *ssss*

And the last week or so, after the kids went to bed, I caught myself sitting and looking at the polish on my desk..

"sssss my preciousss ssss"

Ahem! Well I can't wear any of these beauties right now, but I certainly can hold the bottles out in the light and whisper to them... *ssss*

Do you see the first rows? It is an australian brand called Glitter Gal, and it is 19 holographic polishes! (because I couldn't choose - of course :-p)

My precioussss... indeed!

The other bottles are wonderful BB Couture, the Disco Collection, the Butterfly Collection, some of the BB for men, some other single ones I wanted for a long time.
Not the last, not the least, a unique bottle of Bassins Bleu 2, a polish given to the customers who bought the Hands Of Hope collection to help with the Haitian catastrophe.

I love my BB Coutures too! *ssss*

fredag 2 april 2010

No Sun Here!

On day six of this manicure, I just gave up and took some photos anyway.
This is Misa Sweet Pleasure, a sweet and sheer shade from the Sugar collection.
Two coats, Nubar Foundation base coat and SV top coat as usual. Great wear, as I said this is a one week old manicure!
The pictures are taken in deep overcast, as soon as the sun (or a strong artificial light) hits your fingers, this polish flashes in blue-green and orange, very pretty in a subtle way. Since the weather will not cooperate with me, You will just have to take my word for it..