måndag 1 april 2013

China Glaze Immortal

Unfortunately, I am still suffering from multiple nail break down. Soon my poor nails will have reached above my smile line and then I will be able to share my actual notw with you, but alas, not yet.

So to bring you a post today, I had to dig deep down in my archive.
This is China Glaze Immortal. Two easy coats, no clean up required. SV top coat as usual. 

The polish is  a cold grey and it has an adorable secret shimmer. I wore it last fall and the weather was really foul, I had to wait a couple of days for the sun to show so I could take my pictures. I think the polish held up well, this is day three or four.

I am not an overly religious person, but as we are now celebrating Easter Monday, I think the name of the polish is very fitting indeed.

söndag 31 mars 2013

Happy Easter!

Let me introduce the latest member of our family, Voldemort!
Named by its creator Harriet who sometimes displays a quirky sense of humour :-)

Happy Easter everyone! I believe there will be a nail related post later today but I might be wrong about that.

söndag 17 mars 2013

Hare Asteroid Turf and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Long time no see my friends. My nails are suffering from a long time winter depression, they keep breaking very badly and whatever I do I can't seem to get the disaster to stop. So nowadays, my blog really just serves as my personal blog list and a convenient way to get to my wish list when I'm not at home.

Since the motto of the blog is All Pleasure - No Pressure, I am not worried. As spring comes, I hope my nails will sprout along with all the greenery and I will surely be back at my usual rate of one post a month ;-)

So, finally to the reason of this post. As I emptied my camera, I found some photos I completely forgot about. They were taken under a very weak december sun, but since I adore this polish I decided to show you any way. 

 This is two easy coats of Hare Asteroid Turf over basecoat and with Seche Vite Top Coat. The first coat looked a little dubious and I really thought it would be hard to get the polish to cover, but it magically evened out on the second coat. 

I just love it, and it must be Irish luck that I found it today of all days. Have a great St. Paddy's Day!