söndag 14 februari 2010

A Beige Mystery

New work week, new work appropriate nails. Today I bring you a little secret. It is a Dior Addict polish, the first I bought from this brand. I really don't know the year of release since I got it last year from a clearance stand in one of the local beauty shops.

It is called 310 Beige Mystique. On the package it says one coat speed dry nail polish, but for me it took 3 coats to get it even and nice. It was pretty saturated in color but lumpy, hence the three coats. I am very happy with the end result, it is a greige color with a little dusty feel, yet infused with a heavy shimmer mostly golden but on close inspection it holds other colors as well. This is a slightly more sophisticated version of $OPI:s Under My Trench Coat, which is one of my favorite colors.

Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to try the durability as I smashed the finish trying to fit a pair of skates onto my feet less than half an hour after putting the polish on. I knew that would mean disaster, but sometimes, a mum's gotta do what a mum's gotta do!

fredag 12 februari 2010

Polish Bloggers Network: Lacquer Link Love 2/12/10

Polish Pixel Pig has found her perfect shade of gray and now she wants to share it with the world. Thanks Zoya!

The Dutch Nail Blog showcases the cutest V-Day mani and traditional colors weren't invited to this nail session.

The Swatchaholic has a wonderful comparison of Chanel Particuliere along with some other gorgeous taupes. A few may be on your lemming list.

Bright Lights Big Color decided to do a tribute to nail art that was inspired by fellow bloggers. Check out her design to see if it was you.

Naive Nails has cooked up a look she likes to call Barbie, but it's not your average good girl mani.

Travels with Euridice has provided some excellent pictures of some glittery goodness! I'm keeping it a secret what prized polish this is. :)

Helen's Nice Things is showing off a shade deemed to to be hot this summer. A Models Own shade in a color that's hit the NYFW runways.

Tuli's Nails brought us some swatches from a brand called S-he Stylezone. Check out the pretty pink one full of HOLO-liciousness.

Daily Polish brings a gorgeous micro glitter purple polish for everyone to view. It may be from a smaller brand, but the name is definitely unforgettable. I'll let you take a look at what it is for yourself, lol.

Now on to our Network Giveaways...

This is your last chance to win the goodies fromTuli's Nails Romantic Valentine's Giveaway. Make sure you've entered for your chance to win!

Can't find the Milani Holo polish anywhere near you?! Well get your chance to snag those pretty Milani Holo's by entering Naive Nails 300 follower giveaway.

onsdag 10 februari 2010

The Only Grey I Need

Zoya Harley!

Wow, this is really a super perfect polish! Light dove grey, with a fine shimmer both silver and gold. Very subtle, it probably depends on the light conditions whether you decide if it is dominantly silver or gold.

Any which way, this is gorgeous! I did 3 coats + top coat. I didn't have time for much clean up, the picture is taken in the winter sun on my lunch break.

I'll probably need many more grey polishes if I really think about it. I can not part with either Recycle or Stormy and if I start searching my stash, I surely will find others as well.

I will keep on loving Zoya Harley though. That is a fact!

tisdag 9 februari 2010


The great blogger Polish Freak tagged me to this fine award:

The rules are:

Post the picture of the award and link to the blogger who awarded you.

Then nominate 10-15 new blogs that you recently started to follow.

Since I'm the last blogger in cyberspace to publish this award, I can't find many blogs to nominate. I will try with these two:


The Manicured Manatee

Thanks for the award, Polish Freak!

lördag 6 februari 2010

Wears like iron, looks like gold!

Welcome to CG Stellar, my first truly work appropriate glitter. Many fellow bloggers have reviewed this polish already, so I will just point out the things I did not know about it.

First, it is a subtle glitter, if that term exists at all.

It is not in your face at all in day light, but when you go on to the candlelight dinner your SO invited you to after work, it will bling him just enough for you to look irresistible..

It wears like iron clad concrete! Actually, the glitter polishes from China Glaze that I have tried so far all works like a heavy protective coats for my nails. I have used this to my advantage and I wore CG Stellar for almost two weeks, 4 thick coats topped with two coats of Seche Vite.

Love it!!

OT - The Time Thief!

So, I feel an explanation is in order. Why doesn't PolishPig update her blog anymore?

Here is the answer to that, a nifty little gadget called iPhone.

Now why is this thing eating all of my time? It is very simple to use, right?

Right! As long as you don't start experiment with third part gadgets and combine this with trying to learn how to use your new iMac at the same time.

I'll admit it, I'm a total nerd. As a nerd, I like collecting things and I like to be on top of my collections. Enter the lovely little app from DDH Software, HanDBase. An easy to build and maintain database program, specially designed to use with hand held devices. HandBase has been on the market for a long time, I have used it for maybe 10 years with various Palm hand helds.

Probably, I have what a fellow blogger (the lovely PHD) calls a Hoarder Disorder. Being a hoarder and a nerd, I have large databases for my books, my computer games and recently, my nail polishes.

The upgrade from an ancient Palm Pilot and an old Mac G4 to iMac and iPhone was not without problems. I have been using just about all my spare time in the last few weeks reading old and new manuals, FAQ:s, public forums and being in contact with various support desks.

I'm happy to announce that in the end, I succeeded. I now have all my data secured in my new iMac and a brand new working HanDBase application in my iPhone. Never again will I leave home without a complete record of every nail polish I own.

That, my friends, is pure heaven for a nerd and a polish hoarder! ;-)

(I'm in no way affiliated with DDH or Apple, I just like the products. If you're interested in an easy to manage hand held database, I really recommend HanDBase. It is not expensive, and they give totally awesome customer support.)