torsdag 26 augusti 2010

Lazy Glitter Update

So. I'm on vacation. That means I can wear as much bling as I want to. It also means that I don't have to sport a perfect manicure, it's my vacation :-p

The solution to this came from the sweet Flavia of Similar Addiction. I won a giveaway, and she sent me the most gorgeous glitter polishes. This is one of them, KIKO 231.

I am so sorry I couldn't conjure the sun. I do have certain powers, but ruling the sun is a little out of my league.. ;-)

tisdag 24 augusti 2010

Stop Rewinding, Just Fast Forward!

Because that is were I'm going!

This is a gorgeous Misa polish. I am very often happy with my Misa's and this is one of the times.. :-D

This is a creme polish, very bright but not a neon because it dries very shiny. It is a red bordering on orange, and if you would've asked me before I tried it, I would've gotten the thumbs down. I believe I got it in a swap, and as such, since I only swap dupes, all new colors are good colors (within reason..)

This is two coats and no top coat but if you are careful it is a potential one-coater. Being a bright red color, that is amazing! I always use a top coat but this polish dried so fast and shiny I didn't need one!

Meh, was I wrong letting this polish stay among my untrieds!! This is just amazing, it goes very well with my skin tone and changes color like a chameleon. Now it's orange, now it's red, now it's berry.. Love it!

söndag 22 augusti 2010

A Fling with Mr Wrong!

Back to my theme, at least sort of..

As regular readers of my blog will know I am newly separated after a long marriage. Well, as every counselor will tell you, be very careful regarding a relationship when you are in my position.

So, entering Mr Wrong!
I gave him two rather careless strokes and he was all over my fingertips, not a bald spot, not any streaking to be seen. He wore me out like iron. He was not boring in the night, not disgusting in the morning, he was flirtatious, gleaming, but quite manly with his dark base and subtle glitter.

After a week I told him we should part, but he didn't listen. Instead, he coaxed me into stroking him again on day ten, covering up some minor tip wear and a small chip.

This is Mr Wrong on day 17!

After three full weeks I finally got rid of him, but ladies, this guy just stole my heart!!
If he ever comes to your neighborhood, watch out!

lördag 14 augusti 2010

The Queen of Green

Last week I got a craving for green. I didn't want to change my manicure since it still held up very well so I thought of an alternative. From my Helmer, I picked up all the green polish I have by BB Couture. I don't think there is another polish company that loves the green color as BB Couture does. I don't have a complete collection, but still, if I did one manicure a week I could wear BB Couture greens on my nails for almost six month. Awesome, right?

First wheel:
(three coats)

1. Dress Rehearsal (BB for men)
2. Kelly's Green
3. Caterpillar
4. Iced Olive
5. Universal Joint (BB for men)
6. Grenade (BB for men)
7. Ceremony (BB for men)
8. Green Goblin
9. Golf Pro (BB for men)
10. Fuel Injector (BB for men)
11. Venom
12. Poison Ivy
13. Frosty Meadow
14. Studio 54
15. Mariner (BB for men)
16. Pipe Bender (BB for men)
17. Redwood Forest
18. Saturday Night Fever

Second Wheel:
(three coats)

1. Tortuga Island
2. Laguna Lagoon
3. Bassins Bleu
4. Bassins Bleu 2

For me BB Couture are really the Queen of Green!

söndag 8 augusti 2010

A Sparkling Award!

I received such a sweet award today, from Biba's Beauty corner

The rules are very simple:
- Answer one question: What do you like the most about your own blog?
- Pass this award on.

What I like most about my blog is that I managed to keep it guilt free. I blog for my pleasure, sometimes almost daily, sometimes no more than once in a fortnight. Before I started this adventure, I thought long and hard about it. I didn't want to create a monster that would feed me guilt and feelings of stress when I didn't have the time it required.

Well, there is no monster, just a great hobby and an opportunity to connect to the nicest internet community ever.. Thank you for reading and letting me be a part of all this!

I pass this award on to:
Never Ending Obsession
Mon coin à moua
Alizarine Claws