torsdag 13 maj 2010

Barbie In Disguise

Isn't this a fairly neutral, work safe polish? (natural day light, indoors)

Yes it is! (artificial light with flash, excuse the corpse color of my fingers)

Unless, of course, you venture outdoors. Then the polish turns into Barbie with fangs.. clearly a case of split personality! (outside in sun)

This is Del Sol Pretty In Pink. Two coats over base coat and my usual SV top coat. I could have used three coats and taken more care in application but I slapped this on late at night and since it is almost white in artificial light, it was harder to see the imperfections.
I just love this polish. No brush strokes, silky shimmery finish and no chipping for four days. And every time I walk out in the sun, I get a nice pink surprise!

Very important update for my european readers:
The Del Sol polishes are not easy to find in Europe. The company does not ship international and at least myself is not a frequent visitor to the Bahamas or other caribbean islands (I wish..).

Anyway, if you're a fast actor, you can get these beauties anyway. You do that by joining NailMail. This is a small swedish service company that provides nail polish to us polish crazy people about once a month. Karin, who is the head of the company, provides very fair prices and excellent service. There is no obligation to buy anything. Once a month, You will get a mail from her as a reminder to check the web site for the polish brand of the month, and make an order if you feel like it. Nail Mail has brought us several hard to find brands over the last year, such as Del Sol, RBL and Nfu-Oh. The web site is in swedish, but there is a translation option and I'm sure Karin will answer any question you will ask in english if you send her a mail. The only catch with Del Sol is, Nail Mail will need your order by the end of tomorrow, May 15.
(and if you mention that PolishPig sent you, I will get a price reduction for the 9 Del Sol polishes I ordered.. :-) )

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  1. Åååååååååååå! Så läckert! Fantastiska bilder!

  2. Sminkan,
    Thanks! It is an amazing color change, right? I'm not happy about the sloppy application, but I wanted to show this anyhow.

  3. There are Del Sol stores in California.

  4. I LOVE it!
    I wanted to get it earlier but i couldnt find it.

    my give away:


  5. Serena: Yes... And it's not easy for people in Europe to get hold of American brands unless they are really big and famous.

    Anyway, I really hope I ordered this one. It is pink, so I think I have.