lördag 9 april 2011

Catherine Arley 669

I must have forgot how much I love a true holographic polish! When I got this beauty on my nails, I started to smile. As I write this my manicure is going on the 6th day and let me tell you, I'm still smiling!! There is no tip wear or chipping, it still looks like a fresh manicure.

This is a true linear holographic polish with a strong holo flash in the sun. In the shade it takes on a muted light gold with grey edges, beautiful and subdued, not quite a duochrome but it is aspiring to get there.

Pictured is two coats over OPI NNS and Nubar Foundation. SW on top. I never found any polish losing its holographic shine due to the top coat and the manicures just stays on longer and dries faster with it.

Love, Love!!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Beautiful!!
    I ordered from this company, and they're taking forever, but pictures like this give me patience LOL.

  2. ChaosButterfly,
    I think the whole world and her mother ordered from that company, so they are likely to be overwhelmed! For me it took a couple of weeks until they responded that they were ready to ship and once I paid the invoice I had my order in just two days.

  3. Åh, vad vackert det var! Jag har några CA hemma som jag ska prova igenom, dock inte detta. Ville ha en hel flaska av det svarta som Emma gett mig en decant av och så ville jag ha det gröna. När jag ändå var i farten plockade jag några till varav mitt snorgulgröna är en ny favorit!

  4. ChaosButterfly,
    I think the company was totally overwhelmed with orders from all the worlds nail fanatics. It took a couple of weeks for them to confirm and send my order, but after I paid with PayPal I received the polishes in just a few days. I'm a happy customer!

    Jag är så nöjd, jag stuvade in 18 nya hololack i min Helmer häromdagen. Det händer minsann inte varje dag!