söndag 11 september 2011

Del Sol Peek A Boo

This is the very last day of my vacation. Tomorrow morning a new work year is starting and I'm looking forward to it. A good excuse to show you the most work appropriate polish I own.
This is archived pictures from very early spring, you can see the snow in the background.

Del Sol Peek A Boo. Two coats with Nubar Foundation and Seche Vite. Excuse the sloppy application, but it's much harder to do clean up when you can't see the polish! 

I do love these novelty items, I get so much fun out of little things. Like noticing friends giving my hands a second glance when going outside, or passing by a big window.

Del Sol chips easy on my nails and this one was no exception. I got three days wear out of it, all of them highly amusing. In my opinion, that's totally acceptable!

11 kommentarer:

  1. This is the most fascinating del sol I've seen. It's incredible how it goes from invisible to bright red!

    (enjoy your last day of vacation!)

  2. Thanks nathalie,
    It's like magic, isn't it?
    I'm glad to see you are back posting on your blog :-D

  3. I love these polishes!!
    so awesome!

  4. Wow! Häftig skillnad! Och nu kan jag kommentera igen! Yay för det!

  5. rock-or-not,
    I love them too!

    välkommen tillbaka! :-D

  6. Skitsnygga naglar!! Jag gillar att hålla på med naglar och tycker det är jättebra att ni gör inlägg om det:) Visste du att den grymma makeupartisten som har bloggen http://www.hiilen.blogg.se anordnar grymma tävlingar med grymma priser just nu? Va med och tävla.

  7. Emilia,
    tack! Jag gillar ju också att hålla på med naglar, fler inlägg kommer...

  8. Hi New follower here=] Love ur blog, and i love the review u gave on the del Sol polish , id love for u to stop by my page hope u can follow back Britters89.blogspot.com

  9. you have such beautiful natural shaped nails, I'm so jealous! =)

  10. Britney,
    Hi and welcome!

    Thank you! My nails are not very hard or durable, so I get a lot more wear and tear than I would wish for. My number one advice is: Never pick (clean) under your nails. Get a nailbrush and use it, and don't ever do anything else. Good luck!