lördag 31 december 2011

Happy New Year!

Even if my blog is quiet at the moment my polish habit is still going strong. The last few days I have been able to set aside some time just for me. I used the time to finally start my swatching project.

What you see is 308 "swatch sticks". They are from 3 Swedish brands, H&M, Depend and Isadora. Like flowers, right? :-)

Actually, the painting gave me some really nice surprises. Very many of the polishes showed great quality, good pigmentation and easy handled brushes. Sometimes I forget that all good polish doesn't come from the major salon brands we polish junkies often concentrate our interest to. 

Sometimes, happiness is close to home!

Please let me wish You All a fabulous 2012, shock full of nail polish and other nice things!

8 kommentarer:

  1. LOL, I have the same system, excep my sticks are cream/white, and i keep them together by color. It's such a nice way to keep track of them :)
    I can see you live close to the woods, just like me - have a look at my mani of the day (this should not come out as a promotion, but it does a bit, hope you know, I don't mean it...)
    Happy New Year - and I hope you have a wonderful 2012!!!

  2. Happy New Year Maria!
    I follow your blog avidly, but I didn't think you had any forests in Denmark :-p

    I plan to sort my sticks by color too as soon as there are a bit more of them. In my Helmers the bottles are stored by brand and I had to start the swatching somewhere.
    In the end this is supposed to be a no-buy system: If I can see with my own eyes that I already own 34 dark green polishes, maybe I can refrain from buying the 35th. Maybee.. :-)

  3. Yup, where I live we have forests, actually big ones too :)
    Sigh, so you have a "thing" for dark green polishes too, and yes, the swatch sticks are a help, if you shop online, but not if you are in a shop LOL

  4. Det lönar sig verkligen att gräva lite bland lacken ibland! Och de där pinnarna ser verkligen toppen ut. Jag väntar med skräckblandad förtjustning på mina träpinnar som jag kan klistra fast naglarna på!

  5. Chaosophia,
    Det känns jättebra att ha kommit igång, äntligen. Jag började planera det här i somras, just med träpinnar men efter en hel månads väntan på mitt e-bay-paket fick jag ge upp och be om pengarna tillbaka. Det fick jag men semestern var ohjälpligen slut ändå.
    Nu är jag igång, hjärtat är lite i halsgropen och jag funderar på om jag tagit mig vatten över huvudet. 380 lack är swatchade men jag har enligt senaste koll 4093 (plus en del osorterade..)
    I alla fall är jag lätt som en ballong i huvudet efter att ha luktat på nagellack i tre dagar. Kan väl aldrig vara fel? ;-)

  6. I just came across this post. I love reading how people organize their polish. It's like my hobby within a hobby. :)