fredag 25 december 2009

Ho, Ho, Who Stole My Nails..?

…and used them as his coat hangers!

My Santa turned out to be a real Robin Hood, stealing from the rich (in talent) and giving the idea to me.

The richly talented lady in question is Beauty Judy who came up with this wonderful christmas manicure a couple of days ago.

I used Ciaté Snatch for the red coat, white and black nail art polish from Art Deco. I didn't have any silver for Santa's belt buckle, but as it turned out this Santa is from the 'hood and he wanted Bling, so it worked out all right with a gold glitter nail art polish instead (swedish no-name brand).

A special Merry Christmas to Judy for giving me inspiration for this one!

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  1. Thank you Evil Angel!

    This is my first ever 10-nail free hand nail art and taking that into account I am pleased with it. My right hand actually looks just as good as my left, even if I can't show you all ten fingers at the same time.

    (One hand has to hold the camera, this is a one woman show with a small compact camera and no camera stand, light box or other props. I'll go outside if it doesn't snow to much and that's it. I'm only doing it for fun anyway..)

    I hope you're enjoying a happy and peaceful holiday!

  2. i like your santa outfit nail art... Very pretty... =)

  3. Art of Nail and Gildedangel,
    Thank you!!
    It really brightens my day when I get a response in my blog!

    You ladies don't get credit enough, but here:


  4. Wow. That's amazing. You did a great job!

  5. Thank you Megan and Pinkginger,
    Happy Holidays!

  6. You did great, I love it!! I did gold glitter buckles the second time I did it! I like the gold!!! Hope you had a great holiday Polish Pig :)

  7. Beautiful manicure. Judy didn't an amazing job also.

  8. Thank you beautyjudy! xxxx

    Thank you Lucy, I wish you the best christmas!!

  9. Thank you Vanessa,

    I'm sorry for the late reply, there is a lot happening in my life right now!
    I wish you a great 2010!

  10. Thanks EmLa82!
    I have a high school graduation hat dated -81.
    Do you still graduate from High School wearing robes and hats with tassels?