söndag 6 juni 2010

Movin' Out

Because he is doing that today.

This is two coats of OPI Movin' Out over two coats of Eyeko Lilac Polish. I did plan to use OPI Do You Lilac It, but when I tried to open it, the hat was stuck. Luckily for me, the Eyeko looks like a total dupe.

Movin' Out is a fantastic polish! I can't start to tell you about the awesome duochrome flashes in green and gold, the glitter effect in the sun and the dusty feel in the shade. You just have to experience this polish yourselves. It is really worth the hunt!

There is no way I can picture this great polish accurately, but you can get a sneak peek. So lovely!

The Eyeko Lilac Polish is two coats, no top coat. A little streaky but as a base for Movin' Out it worked out just fine.

And since this is a nail blog, I will try not to get too personal. Still, sometimes my feelings will flood even this space.

If you want to listen, I might tell you the story in the polish language (and yes, that was a really corny joke ;-p )

10 kommentarer:

  1. oh, that sucks about him. it is good to get it out. vent if you want! love the polish. might need to track down that OPI!

  2. Ser verkligen ut att vara ett vackert lack! Mycket snyggt! Bra sätt att "fira" din frihet på tycker jag, även om jag förstår att det mest känns jobbigt just nu. Hoppas du orkar igenom det och snart mår bättre. Kram.

  3. Det där var ett av de vackraste lacken jag sett på länge! Förstår att det känns tungt nu, fick själv ett mindre roligt besked i dag, man får komma ihåg att allt vänder till det bättre förr eller senare. Kram på dig!

  4. Thank You ladies! xxx
    I do feel rather good (maybe I should worry about that, or maybe not.. :p )

    I am turning a new leaf in the book of life and I am allowing myself to feel a little bit excited about that. Who knows what's in my future now when all is fresh and new?
    My current manicure reflects that feeling, stay tuned for another chapter in the polish language.

  5. I love this polish look and definitely look at your life as a new beginning :) Take care.

  6. Kram från mig! Hoppas allt känns bättre snart.

  7. Laquer Ware,
    Thank You! The Nail Community is so much a place of friendship and comfort. I am happy to be a part of it, it really makes a difference!

  8. Stiftis och Ninni,
    Tack, jag blir så glad för era kommentarer! Det här fixar sig, och allt blir lättare med virtuella vänner som er :-)

  9. Its good to get it all out1 This manicure is beautiful and therapeutic too!

    Keep your chin up :)