onsdag 16 juni 2010

Who Needs A Prince?

This is what I wear on my nails this week. OPI Who Needs A Prince? from the Princess Charming collection of spring 2006. The picture is old, I dented my current manicure before I had a chance to get any photos and although I could fix it up enough to keep it on, it is not up to close up pictures.

I had application issues with Who Needs A Prince? I found it to be streaky and it really wanted to flood my cuticle. Pictured is four coats over base coat, and with SV on top.

The finished result is worth the trouble. A sheer, pink, very work safe polish, with a strong and unexpected red flash.
And the name, of course, makes it even more fun to wear!

9 kommentarer:

  1. Det här är faktiskt ett av mina favoritlack. Appliceringen är lite knepig, ja, men jag tycker det är så vackert när det väl är på. :-)

  2. Du prickar verkligen in namnen! :-)

  3. Otroligt kul med namnen!

  4. Nailtastic and ShortAndSweetNails,
    Thank you! I really like the polish too, even if it is a diva that is a little hard to work with, the result makes up for it.

    Ninni och Sminkan,
    eller hur ;-)
    Om man nu har en nagellacks-samling så kan man ju utnyttja den för att pigga upp sig lite med. Dessutom är det lite på pin kiv, mitt ex tyckte inte precis att nagellack var en vettig hobby :-p

  5. very nice! I love the name of this color :)

  6. Nice nude color...I've been thinking of picking this one up recently...now I think I'm going to! Haha!

  7. i have a giveaway in my blog come on see if you want !!

  8. Tasha and Aurora,
    thank you! It is a polish well worth the troublesome application.
    Lily nail,
    I put your giveaway in my sidebar. I hope I win! :-)