torsdag 15 juli 2010

Pinking Up the Pieces

Because that's just what is going on here!
(and might I add, with a great amount of success)

Hi guys, I guess I'm back with my theme again.
The manicure itself was, I'm sorry to say, without any great success at all. It turned out very streaky and hard to manage. It might be that I lack the skills needed for sheer polish. The problem subdued with the fourth coat, but then I had an unmanageable amount of polish on my fingers and it dried slow, in spite of Seche Vite (who caused bubbles again, I might have to chuck this bottle even if it is brand new, grr)
I was pressed for time and had to give my girls a bath right after I finished the mani, so of course I suffered some dents. I'm showing you the best preserved hand.

The polish itself is lovely enough, a sheer pink with a little blue flash. But I doubt I will use this again anytime soon, I think I have pink sheers in my stash that are easier to handle.

After living with this dented manicure for a day, I made a very descrete pimping for a better look. I'll show you soon, my first pictures came out so discrete there is no visible change at all. I will try again today.

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