lördag 25 september 2010

Shiitake Happens

Trust me, sometimes it does!

This is old school CND, Shiitake Happens. I wasn't sure at all of this color in the bottle. but it turned out I liked it very much.

It is a muted orangey coral color that goes very well with my skin tone. It reminds me of fall. Not the vampy dramatic fall, nor the bright maple leaf fall. More the soft blush of the rose hip or the golden glow of the black currant leaves left in my garden.

This is two coats over Nubar Foundation, no top coat. Ridges are all my own and not the polish fault ( I have to start using ridge filler). It dried kind of slow and I managed to bump it a little bit but a new coat the next day took care of that.

This is a polish I thought I would probably use only once. No I'm not so sure anymore. Shiitake Happens is staying in my Helmer until next time I'll need some subtle fall on my nails.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Håller med om att det är en fin höstfärg. Mjuk och vilsam.

  2. Precis, mycket vackrare på nageln än i flaskan. Jag har verkligen haft tur med mina gamla CND, alla jag provat hittills har funkat kanonbra, fin täckning, lättmålade och sitter som berget.

  3. I love the picture with the leafs. It is so much a fall lacquer. Nice color!

  4. Love that last piccture! It really shows off the color!

  5. wow love it.. and the name..hehe

  6. Melanie and Aurora,
    Soft color, work appropriate and very much a fall color. It stayed on my nails for a full week :-)

    doesn't look at all like the mushrooms but I love the name anyway.. ;-)