tisdag 19 oktober 2010

Not My Naked Butt!

It has been quiet around here lately. I have lacked the inspiration of writing, and my nails has been wearing two-weeks manicures because I really wasn't inspired to paint them. Lucky for me, I can get away with it if I do some small touch-ups as the days goes by.

Anyway, to my big surprise, I have gained a couple of new followers the last few days, in spite of my lack of updating. That sparked my inspiration! I never said anything about my readers and followers but now I must thank you all! I am so happy that you want to read about me and my nails! Hugs to everyone!

So, newly inspired, I show you my last manicure. This is Butt-Naked Bronze by BB Couture.

Ah. Lovely.
This is two coats! Look at the shimmer and sparkles! It is a great neutral, a work safe color, but let it out in the sun and it is going to eat your heart!

I wish my naked butt looked like this.. ;-)

This bottle was sent to me from the lovely Kim at Overall Beauty for review. My blog is not a review blog and no-one but Kim has sent me anything for that purpose (which IMHO just shows what a great place Overall Beauty is).

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  1. such a pretty color! I like the name, haha!

  2. *lol* at "I wish my naked butt looked like this.."

    I'm glad you're back :)

  3. This color looks so nice for fall! I don't own any BB Couture polishes yet, but I really want to...especially some of the ones from the "For Men" collection!

  4. Lois,
    yea, awesome name! ;-)

    lol, hm..it's a great polish with a awesome name.
    Thank you!
    I am so happy about my readers.. :-)

    Varnish Vixen,
    Great for fall, many BB polishes are. I'm a big fan of the BB for men collection. I have all of them except the last colletion and they're lovely and totally worth owning (and I bought every one of them myself)

  5. Thank you so very much for the giggle this morning!! I am so happy to be your first? sender of polish for reviewing? That is cool!
    Kim Snyder ~ Overallbeauty.com
    We love polish!! Don't you?

  6. Hi: I am another new follower! Love your web page, it's so cool. I also have talked with Kim and I am a big fan of hers. (but don't tell her, I want to keep it a secret, Okay?) You bought the entire collection? Kudos!

    If you wouldn't mind answering them; Question 1): I was just wondering, the New BB Couture collection for men, do you think more men than woman purchase these color polishes? 2) If the men do do they wear them mostly on their polished toes or on their polished fingernails?

    Also, for the first time, I think the men';s collection is better than the woman's collection! That is amazing, since nail color is mostly marketed to woman, don't you think.

    Myself , I would think it would be the polished toes, that's what I use the nail lacquer for? LOL

    Mc Huggs :)

  7. Kim,
    I'm happy knowing I made your day a little brighter!

    Hi there, welcome to my blog!
    Yes, I have all the "for men" collections except the new lover collection. I adore the colors, even more beautiful and edgy than the ordinary BB polishes.
    I think almost all of the BB polishes are bought by women. Now I don't have any statistics to back this up, it is just a belief.
    I really don't know any man who wears polish anywhere. Might be my fault, having a conservative habitat.. :-)

  8. It's really pretty and uplifting, nice color!

  9. Å smaskens! Beställde nästan hem denna med månadens Nailmail :)