måndag 7 mars 2011

Isadora Graffiti Pink Bite

The last two weeks I've totally ignored my nails. A crazy work load can do that even to a polish fanatic. Last week, I sported two coats of Misa Honeybunch. That really is the perfect polish if you have no time at all for nails, it just keeps going. I blogged about it earlier in this post.

By the end of the week it did look a little under the weather. I added a third coat, dried it completely and topped it with one of my new Isadora Graffiti polishes, Pink Bite. This is my first experience with crackle polish and I'm impressed. Seche Vite as top coat.

This pictures are taken on day 6 of the crackle manicure. I know the manicure has chipped a bit but I wanted to show you anyhow, since the crackle effect actually hides the chipping very well if seen from a distance.

Obviously, this must be the new favorite trend for lazy girls like me!

3 kommentarer:

  1. I like the color combination a lot. And you are right, perfect for lazy days, because the chips aren't really visible =)

  2. Such a lovely manicure! :)
    I wore White Art and Spraycan Blue until now and I just fell in love with those Isadora crackles! <3

  3. colorfulbottle,
    It is a good combination if you need a work safe mani and still wants something extra.

    I'm happy you liked them :-)