lördag 12 mars 2011

Quirius Sunshine Orange

I long for summer. Hot days with blinding sun, long, sweet nights with the magic, nordic light. Still plenty of snow here, but at least I've got summer on my nails today.

This polish is a little streaky, I needed four coats to even it out, but then I was very happy with it. The color is really juicy. Not a neon but definitely a color you notice from a distance. I think the polish will look even better with a tan.

This is four coats over Nubar foundation. Seche Vite on top, you will need it because this polish dries semi-matte.

A word about durability. I know this brand has gotten mixed reviews in the nail community. Actually, that has refrained me from order from Quirius until now. But, with the $ very affordable at the moment, I finally caved and got a few of them.

I have been wearing this manicure the whole week. Yesterday (day five) I decided to try my hand at some nail art. This is my first attempt with fimo and I'm very pleased with myself :-)

The important thing however, is that apart from a new coat of SV on my ring fingers, this manicure has not been touched up at all. Not one chip and almost no tip wear after five days of wear. You can call me happy!

6 kommentarer:

  1. Vilken fin orange! Vet inte om jag har något liknande. Är Misa Speed of Life likt?

  2. Nailtastic,
    Misa är mörkare, inte riktigt så mycket gult i, men de är definitivt syskon.

  3. Kajalpennan,
    tack, jag längtar! :-)

  4. Vilken härlig färg och snygg nailart med!

  5. Tack Sminkan,
    när det kommer till nailart är jag världens nybörjare, men det här gav mersmak faktiskt. Visst är det en härlig färg, som en mogen apelsin!