måndag 6 juni 2011

China Glace I'm Not Bitter

Today is the national day of Sweden, our Independence Day if you like.
I, however, have chosen to celebrate another independence altogether. Today it is exactly one year since my ex husband left home. It has been a year that started of with a feeling of relief. That sense has grown into a calm happiness I really didn't think I deserved to feel. Life is treating me and my children very well.

I'm Not Bitter is a glamorous deep red shimmer. It is from the Voodoo That U Do collection that was released in 2005. This is old school China Glace, thin and precise and very pigmented. Just lovely to work with!

One coat would have been enough but I was not prepared for that and used two coats to make up for my mistakes. The two coats deepened the shimmer even more and I am very pleased with this polish. This is one of those rare polishes that looks even better in shade or low light than it does in the sun. I love it, and I'm Not Bitter!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Pretty! I've never heard of this one before...

    I'm glad to hear that life is good with you and your children :)

  2. Biba,
    thank you!
    To be honest I traced this one down just because of the name. I am totally happy I did so and I have suddenly got a lemming of the rest of the Voodoo Collection :-)

  3. Ett så vackert lack med ett så passande namn! :-)

  4. Nailtastic,
    Tack, jag har sparat lacket till just den här dagen! Det är som jag skrev tidigare helt underbart, men jag älskar nagelllack och är nog inte så kritisk av mig. Det behövs inte heller för jag får aldrig promotions. Bra så!