söndag 5 juni 2011

Wet'n Wild Gray's Anatomy

So, like I promised, I'm back. I'm home from my spring business travels and finally, I'm starting to catch my breath and see the summer coming to my part of the world. So beautiful!

This week, I was on call 24/7 monday to friday except for one single night. I thought it was just the right choice to wear Gray's Anatomy because of this. I have no trouble recalling a time when I spent as much waking time studying the d*mned book. Thankfully, I've passed that point in my life. :-)

Wet'n Wild Gray's Anatomy is a wonderful polish. Since it is a true multichrome, it had my heart from the first streaky coat. Showing is 3 coats over my usual basecoat of Nubar foundation. One coat of SV on top. I did this manicure just before bed time and I got some sheet marks on my left hand, that is why my pointy doesn't show. I do think this was a handlers error though.

If I would say something negative about this truly awesome polish, it is a little sheer. I could probably used 4 coats for even greater appearance, but I'm quite happy with the result in three coats (and it was way past bedtime anyway...)

5 kommentarer:

  1. It's nice that you're back :)

    Pretty duo-chrome!

  2. Biba,
    Thank You! I think there are several dupes of this color, but since I'm smitten with the "must own all duochromes in the world-syndrome" I don't care. I'm happy to have gotten my hands on this one (and gotten it on my hands.. ;-D )

  3. uaau! I like duochrome polishes! :)

  4. Beautiful Nails,
    I totally agree. The only thing better than a duochrome polish is a holographic polish. And the only thing better than a holographic polish is s*x.. ;-)

    Visst är det! Jag är så nöjd.