måndag 3 december 2012

Calvin Klein Hint of Pink

Well. Still no sun. I've been working really hard and though I bought a light tent, I haven't even unpacked it yet. 
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. (For brownie points, why do this line sound scary?)

So, instead of bullying you with obscure movie references, I'll show you a notd from a couple of weeks ago. Still no sun but instead of a snow blizzard at least there was an opportunity to sneak outside for a couple of day-light overcast photos :-)

This is Calvin Klein Hint of Pink. Two coats and top coat. This is a pretty basic pink but I liked it way more than I expected to. 

It was very flattering to my skin tone and even more important, it didn't chip at all. I wore this polish for 8 days straight! 

There is a rumour that all of the "new" Calvin Klein polishes are just dupes of W 'n' W- polishes. I have no idea! The jet black polish "Ebony loves Chris" seems to share even the name...

What I know is that if you are looking for a pretty pink polish, this is not a bad idea!

8 kommentarer:

  1. Knappast något unikt, men det är en fin nyans.

    1. Håller med, jag var så säker på att jag hade en dupe bland de 670 lack jag hunnit swatcha på pinnar, men icke. Sen kan man ju fundera på hur många rosa krämlack man behöver över huvud taget :-)

  2. It looks amazing on you - and 8 days, wow, that's good!!

    1. Thanks Maria, I almost never wear pink but I really liked it on my nails.

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