söndag 31 mars 2013

Happy Easter!

Let me introduce the latest member of our family, Voldemort!
Named by its creator Harriet who sometimes displays a quirky sense of humour :-)

Happy Easter everyone! I believe there will be a nail related post later today but I might be wrong about that.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Happy Easter to you too :)
    I never figured Voldemort to look this cute - but there you go - my prejudice got the better of me hahaha

    1. I must admit I was a bit baffled myself until my daughter told me the chicklet bit the finger right off of one of her class mates. It was after that incident she decided to name him Voldemort.. that is what she claims an who am I to question it? ;-)

      I have asked her to keep Voldemort in a tight leash.. I need all my fingers for swatching polishes! :-D

  2. Jag älskar din nya blogg tema! Det är väldigt trevligt. Och mycket lättare att läsa än gamla, faktiskt.