lördag 23 januari 2010

Get That Glittah Off!

Now, first let me point out, that this is not my idea. The technique has been featured on a lot of nail blogs lately, and that is how I came to know about it.

But, as I still see frequent sighs and complaint on the removal of glitter polish, I wanted to carry my little stick of knowledge to the great fire. So, If you never tried this before, do it now. I use this way of polish removing for all polish now, not just glitter. Much faster and it feels like it's kinder to my cuticles as well.

Pictures are pretty self explanatory.

First prepare 10 small wads of cotton pad or ball (I cut my round remover pads in quarters, works great). Cut 10 small pieces of aluminum foil.

Second, use a generous amount or your favorite remover on the cotton wad, wrap around your nail. Wrap the tin foil round to keep the remover to dry.

Relax for a couple of minutes by reading my blog ;-).

Third, and here comes the trick of the tail (and yes, ancient music reference here, bonus point to anyone getting this without googling ;-P).

When removing the tin foil/cotton wad, take it in a firm grip and wiggle it a little. This will cause almost all of the glitter to get stuck to the cotton wad. Press down on the nail as you slide the foil parcel of the nail. Follow up with an extra cotton wad drenched in remover to get any residue while it is still soft and easy to swipe off.


6 kommentarer:

  1. I love this trick. I dont know how I ever lived without it.

  2. I love using the soak off method so much that I do it even for other polishes too.

  3. L and MightyLambchop,

    Exactly, I always use this method now. I know it is old news but as I still come across the argument: I don't like glitters because of the PITA removal, I figured it was a good think to make another rant about.

    I'm not overwhelmed with glitter ether, but that is more due to my habit of running my fingers down my nails, checking the smoothness.. just one more tic to add to my overall pathology ;-p

  4. wow that was so helpful! ive heard of this technique before, but ive never seen it with photos, so this was a big help!

  5. Musicalhouses,
    Thank you, you just made my day :-D

  6. Well, this is an excellent tutorial! I love it. I have to agree that you adding the pictures really makes the whole thing better! :D