söndag 10 januari 2010

A Rosy Reflection

I'm tired today after a very intensive but inspiring week of work. New Years Day I choose a manicure that I hope will bring a bright future to me 2010. This is OPI Rosy Reflections, part of the ltd. Reflection set from Fall 2009.

This is a foil like polish, like a pale rosy Trixie (from Zoya). A dense shimmer with micro glitter and not a single brush stroke. Extremely easy to apply and very durable.

The sun pictures were taken today, after 10 days wear. Two days ago, I shortened the tips and put on a thin new top coat but no other touching up has been done, and I really did not have any tip wear before that, I just needed to trim the length of my nails and wanted to seal the edges afterwards.

The three first pictures, of my seldom seen right hand, is outside in winter sun, the last one is outside in shade.

I like this polish, it has a satiny finish. It works in festive settings because of the foil and hidden micro glitter, but it never gets in your face, and I consider it work safe too.

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  1. Thanks gildedangel,

    I was surprised the way it grew on me. In the bottle it looked like any other polish, but on the nails it really did deserve the 10 days of use.

  2. Damn så snyggt! Är det ltd edition?

  3. Amazing colour. My nails always bend at one point or another and the polish chips. Ten days equals three to five manicures for me.

  4. This is in my untrieds. It is so gorgeous on you! I hope you have a great 2010! Cheers!

  5. Veronica,
    It's ltd to UK and Asia, just as the Valentine glitter polish last year.

    Thank you! My nails used to be like that to, soft and easy to bend. The key thing for me was to leave the hyponychium under my nails alone and never ever use any sharp object under my nails. I clean my hands with a nailbrush instead. After two years of this, my nail beds have grown so they cover the nail to the fingertip. That makes the nail form itself differently, it gets more curved and less flat, and almost never bend anymore.

    Thanks beautyJudy,
    I like it too. It was a pleasant start of 2010!