söndag 14 februari 2010

A Beige Mystery

New work week, new work appropriate nails. Today I bring you a little secret. It is a Dior Addict polish, the first I bought from this brand. I really don't know the year of release since I got it last year from a clearance stand in one of the local beauty shops.

It is called 310 Beige Mystique. On the package it says one coat speed dry nail polish, but for me it took 3 coats to get it even and nice. It was pretty saturated in color but lumpy, hence the three coats. I am very happy with the end result, it is a greige color with a little dusty feel, yet infused with a heavy shimmer mostly golden but on close inspection it holds other colors as well. This is a slightly more sophisticated version of $OPI:s Under My Trench Coat, which is one of my favorite colors.

Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to try the durability as I smashed the finish trying to fit a pair of skates onto my feet less than half an hour after putting the polish on. I knew that would mean disaster, but sometimes, a mum's gotta do what a mum's gotta do!

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  1. Sorry, I got no use for a soul. Lol. I didn't want to reply on the contest entry because it would get lost. But I'm glad you like the contest. =)

  2. Love that it has a hint of shimmer on it :D Hehe I break so many manis on just typing on the keyboard :P Cant imagine how it will be when I get kids :p

  3. I wouldn't wear that shade myself, but it looks very sleek on you!

  4. I think it's a perfect color when wild in your face colors aren't appropriate for work! I love how it's work safe yet not boring! The shimmer really spices things up :-)

  5. Tanks for your comments!

    General update: the poor girl's Orly Smudge fixer is spelled Pure Acetone! I was so bummed when I ruined my mani, having done the full routine with cuticle and nail balm, two coats of base and three coats of polish..
    I just did not want to start from scratch :-p

    So I caught the devils tail and run with it, soaked a cotton pad in acetone and stroked my smudged fingers. I evened out the smudges and lo and behold, after another thick coat of polish and generously applied Seche Vite it is a passable manicure again! Great news for me, who really did not have the time to do everything twice!

    I'll guess I'll keep it for now then, might be useful later ;-)

  6. That is absolutely gorgeous. A very me shade! Reminds me of Sephora / OPI's Under my Trench Coat.

  7. Helen,
    You are so on the spot, $OPI Under My Trench Coat is another super favorite of mine. I think $OPI has a little more golden shimmer but I never did compare them directly. I'll do it as soon as I retire.. :-)

  8. This might be a bit off-topic, but when I saw your nails I was like 'that's the perfect length!'

    Well, back on topic, I also love that hint of shimmer in it, looks very nice :)

  9. I love this color... wonder if it would look nice with my skin tone. The soft shimmer is just absolutely divine.

  10. That golden shimmer is beautiful! It's a great work safe color indeed. Thanks for showing this!

  11. Beauty Vibes,
    Thank You! *blushes*
    Sorry for being late to comment:

    as Helen pointed out it is similar to $OPI Under My Trench Coat, so if that works for you this Dior probably will too.

    Mighty Lambchop,
    Thanks for the comment. I wore this for two weeks straight with hardly any wear, so it has great durability too.