lördag 6 februari 2010

OT - The Time Thief!

So, I feel an explanation is in order. Why doesn't PolishPig update her blog anymore?

Here is the answer to that, a nifty little gadget called iPhone.

Now why is this thing eating all of my time? It is very simple to use, right?

Right! As long as you don't start experiment with third part gadgets and combine this with trying to learn how to use your new iMac at the same time.

I'll admit it, I'm a total nerd. As a nerd, I like collecting things and I like to be on top of my collections. Enter the lovely little app from DDH Software, HanDBase. An easy to build and maintain database program, specially designed to use with hand held devices. HandBase has been on the market for a long time, I have used it for maybe 10 years with various Palm hand helds.

Probably, I have what a fellow blogger (the lovely PHD) calls a Hoarder Disorder. Being a hoarder and a nerd, I have large databases for my books, my computer games and recently, my nail polishes.

The upgrade from an ancient Palm Pilot and an old Mac G4 to iMac and iPhone was not without problems. I have been using just about all my spare time in the last few weeks reading old and new manuals, FAQ:s, public forums and being in contact with various support desks.

I'm happy to announce that in the end, I succeeded. I now have all my data secured in my new iMac and a brand new working HanDBase application in my iPhone. Never again will I leave home without a complete record of every nail polish I own.

That, my friends, is pure heaven for a nerd and a polish hoarder! ;-)

(I'm in no way affiliated with DDH or Apple, I just like the products. If you're interested in an easy to manage hand held database, I really recommend HanDBase. It is not expensive, and they give totally awesome customer support.)

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  1. You should get the Blogger app. I use it on the go, when I'm at work etc so that if I'm not near my laptop I can always turn to my iphone hehe. =)

  2. Hi Redz2486,
    I probably will, eventually. Right now, I have an ancient cell phone operator contract (or whatever it is called in english?). It is very cheap and works well for using the phone as a phone, but it was designed long before anyone even thought it was possible to connect to the internet from your cell phone. I can still do it, but every time there is a large extra charge from my operator. Probably, I will soon be tempted by the possibilities with owning an iPhone and change my phone contract...

  3. I hear you; the transition always takes time. But when it's done: OMG!! *fellow nerd*

  4. Laquermanic,
    Word! I feel so relieved now when everything is running smoothly again. The thought of loosing all the data in the transition can give anyone an ulcer, (or worse)!

  5. Hey! I'm really flattered that you mentioned my blog! Thanks so much :) Oh I would love to have an iphone but I just can't justify the extra $30 a month I would have to pay for data service :( I am obsessed with Apple though! Loooooooooooove my MacBookPro!

  6. Polish Hoarder,
    I love your blog so the pleasure of mention it is all on my side :-)

    That's exactly my situation, I have to pay extra for the data service, so I just don't surf on the iPhone, using it as a phone and a PDA only (although it is hard to restrain myself..)