lördag 6 februari 2010

Wears like iron, looks like gold!

Welcome to CG Stellar, my first truly work appropriate glitter. Many fellow bloggers have reviewed this polish already, so I will just point out the things I did not know about it.

First, it is a subtle glitter, if that term exists at all.

It is not in your face at all in day light, but when you go on to the candlelight dinner your SO invited you to after work, it will bling him just enough for you to look irresistible..

It wears like iron clad concrete! Actually, the glitter polishes from China Glaze that I have tried so far all works like a heavy protective coats for my nails. I have used this to my advantage and I wore CG Stellar for almost two weeks, 4 thick coats topped with two coats of Seche Vite.

Love it!!

11 kommentarer:

  1. ooooooo!! Pretty, I must have this color!!

  2. that's REALLY PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want it....is this one of the big glitter polishes that they just came out? i find that even though i'm not big on glitter removal the really dense glitter polishes have a really great weartime

  3. gorgeousss, going to hunt on ebay for this one :)

  4. Thank You!

    SEH and raw veganlondoner,
    yes, it is from the new speciality glitter polishes from China Glace. It should be easy to find at the usual e-tailers, and of course on e-bay.

  5. That is just beautiful, I'm all in on subtle glitter. :)

  6. Really a subtle classy nail polish!
    Like it very much!

  7. This is one of my favourite glitters! I looks lovely on you :)

  8. Thank you!
    It really surprised me being so subtle and "work appropriate".
    Stay tuned for "the queen of beige" - more subtle colors coming!

  9. Wauw what a great color :D I seem to have missed this on all the other sites cause I never seen it before :P

  10. rijaH,
    Hi secret elf ;-)
    I've seen it several times, but it is not too late discovering this great color. I highly recommend it!