lördag 3 april 2010

Help! I'm transforming..!

I keep changing shape lately, getting smaller, more scrawny, with big yellow eyes and a sallow greenish skin tone.

Yes, you've got it right, I am slowly changing into Gollum *ssss*

And the last week or so, after the kids went to bed, I caught myself sitting and looking at the polish on my desk..

"sssss my preciousss ssss"

Ahem! Well I can't wear any of these beauties right now, but I certainly can hold the bottles out in the light and whisper to them... *ssss*

Do you see the first rows? It is an australian brand called Glitter Gal, and it is 19 holographic polishes! (because I couldn't choose - of course :-p)

My precioussss... indeed!

The other bottles are wonderful BB Couture, the Disco Collection, the Butterfly Collection, some of the BB for men, some other single ones I wanted for a long time.
Not the last, not the least, a unique bottle of Bassins Bleu 2, a polish given to the customers who bought the Hands Of Hope collection to help with the Haitian catastrophe.

I love my BB Coutures too! *ssss*

22 kommentarer:

  1. MY PRECIOUSSSSSSSS....Hahaha! Wow, that's quite a pile of goodies. Beautiful!

  2. I love holographic polishes!

  3. You are so sweet to be sending those to me! Email me and I'll send you my address! ;)

  4. holo's :D you can't get enough of them ^^

  5. LOL 19...yeah that's what I'm like too. HAHA
    Holos...I'm drooling.

  6. omg! Glitter gal!!!!!!!!!!! *freaks out*

  7. Nicole,
    :-D! Sssometimes, I wonder if this really is rational behavior of a grown woman, but then I look at my precioussss again and all those thoughts are gone ;-)

    yeah, me too :-D

    haha, you may be Wizards and you may click your heels all you want, the only place these babies are going is into my Helmer.. ;-)

    I never tried Glitter gal before but I'm impressed with the bottles. They look small but actually holds 9 ml which is not so bad. They twinkle in a very promising way. I'll have to get back once I actually tried some of them out.

    AmusedPolished and ShortAndSweetNails,
    Right, the holos, I gotta have them all!

    Actually, I usually defend myself that Darth Vader told me to locate all the holo polish on earth, with that and his evil mind, we will rule the universe together.. maybe that will have to be separate post, it is quite complicated.. 8-)

  8. How much did you pay for the australian polishes? :) In SEK of course ;)

  9. Karin,
    1294,50 sek, including shipping an PayPal's somehwat inferior exchange rate. Not bad for 19 holo polishes, right? :-D

  10. Hahaha loved your post <3 These look so hot!

  11. Det har tagit mig tills nu att fatta att du har en logg. Sorry. Nu har jag dock läst ikapp och fått cravings och lagt i länklistan så jag kommer ihåg att läsa dig i fortsättningen.

    Härliga bilder, läckra lack, imponerande stash. Mina får plats i typ två Helmer så jag är långt efter i antal... :D

  12. Sminkan!

    Välkommen hit! Du vet att mycket skuld hamnar på dina axlar va? Du var som en huldra som lockade mig långt, långt ut i nagellacksträsket och nu är jag räddningslöst förlorad ;-)
    Jag hoppas kunna ge igen för gammal ost genom att plantera en eller annan lemming här.. ;-D

  13. Jodå, jag kan lova att du redan satt griller i huvudet på mig. Jag måste dock stå emot den här månaden. Har beställt en massa BB Couture efter att Alizarine Claws visade Caterpillar och så blev det ebay-jakt på Jade is the new Black, trots mina bestämda föresatser att sluta med OPI eftersom jag inte kan måla med deras jäkla mopp-penslar. Ja, och lite annat så klart. Nagellack är verkligen sjukt roligt! Nu kan jag dessutom känna mig som en väldigt, väldigt måttlig samlare eftersom du är "värre"! Hurra för det! Jag har gjort ett bra jobb med dig! :D

  14. Och förresten, why can't you wear them? :D

  15. Karin,
    I have a job that limits my use of polish. Right now I can only wear very sheer or transparent colors. Perfect for a nail polish addict ;-D

  16. Aha, I'm studying to become an "undersköterska" and when I'm working, I am not allowed any polish at all, not even clear...hell for a polishlover xD I can't wait to see the holos! ;)

  17. Karin,

    haha, if you promise not to tell on me I'll disclose that I'm in the same business as you and my title starts with "över".
    So, I can bend the rules a little..

    When you graduate, you should be able to wear transparent or very sheer polish. If somebody gives you grief about that, ask for studies that shows harmful effects (trust me, there are no such studies!)

    If the head nurse gives you grief, give her a raspberry from me.. :-p

    btw, my first name is Karin also.. :-D

  18. Oh, I've seen many who cheats, but our teacher is really strict so I try my best, but in school I go all out! But she always comments "Du vet väl att du inte får ha så på praktiken/APU;n." ;D

    Wow, it's a very nice and useful name! Only one more in my agegroup and town have the same name as me ;)

    And btw how many of the holos looks to be the linear kind? :)

  19. Wow, that's an EPIC haul! I LOVE it! :) 65 polishes is awesome! :D

  20. I am LURVING your new stash! I can't wait to see swatches. YAY

  21. I know the feeling of becoming Gollum when I look at my polishes...for sure.

  22. Musicalhouses,
    *blushes* hmm this is not a part of my 65 polish haul :-)
    Stay tuned, I finally wrestled it from the swedish customs but haven't had time to unpack it yet..

    Laquer Ware for Tips and Toes, and Sarah:
    This Gollum is feeling a little scared of herself sometimes, but mostly, I just feel content and happy!