onsdag 14 april 2010

Mmm, Candy For Me!

Yay, I'm a real blogger now! :-D
For the first time, I have received a product for evaluation. It is a cuticle oil called Cuticle Candy, made by Paradise Potions. I received it from the truly awesome Kim at Overall Beauty, the e-tailer who sells me all my beautiful BB Couture polish. If You ever want to get some BB couture, go to Overall Beauty!

So, what do I think about Cuticle Candy? After using it daily for about two weeks, I must say I am really pleased. It smells very nice, just like mint candy, and I found myself longing for it during the day (I use it every evening)..

It absorbs quite fast, and my cuticles feels soft and nourished. Of course, for lasting effect I need to try it for a much longer period, but since it has pushed all my other cuticle oils and treatments out of the competition, I think it was time to tell you about it. I am positive I will order some more of this when my bottle runs out. As you can see, it will take many weeks of use until that happens, and that makes me happy too!

7 kommentarer:

  1. It sounds like a good product.
    I should start taking better care for my cuticle...

  2. how long will you try it out for?

    I won't promise anything really, but since it smells good,it feels that it is nourishing my nail cuticles and I like the package with a vial and and a doe-foot, I do think I will continue for at least a couple f more weeks.. :-)

  4. Cuticle candy! What a great name! Congratulations that you got something to review!

  5. OH wow I had no idea that you had never gotten something to do review before!! I am so glad I was the first!! One thing with Cuticle Candy is you don't have to wait till night time to use it. You can use anytime you feel your cuticles are too dry. Mine are really hard in the wintertime, and this is the first product that when I use it all the time, softens them.

    Kim Snyder ~ http://Overallbeauty.com

  6. TSGTNP,
    It's not a lie, it really smells like candy too. So far, I love it..

    I'm happy to see you here!

    About getting things to review, I must tell you, I am not complaining. There are different kind of nail blogs, some great ladies makes a stunning effort to swatch new collections to show us all. They deserve to get their polishes from pr companies!
    Then there are polish bloggers like myself. I have never done a swatch in my life. I pay for my polish and then I'll make a manicure with it. I mix recent collections with htf:s or drug store gems without feeling bad about it. Usually, my manicure lasts a week with minor touch up's, if not, I'm disappointed and it is probably because I did not do the undercover work right, so I blame myself.

    I'm like Kipling's cat, going on my merry way and not following any route except for where my own wild tail will point.. :-D

    However, if any favorite polish brand would like to send me a bottle or two, I would not disagree.. ;-)

  7. This was a great review! I think I will have to try it sometime. :)