onsdag 30 juni 2010

More Time For Me

Because there is!

I must declare, it is so much fun with a theme for your polish, even if divorce isn't the theme I would have guessed to be my first choice. But as I will show you in a later post, sometimes Shiitake Happens, and you just have to go with the flow.

This is OPI More Time For Me, from the I Don't Do Dishes! collection of fall 2006. This is a polish that would probably have lingered in my untrieds for a long time it if wasn't for my theme, but I am really glad I tried it.

It is a deep mauve color with a very subtle shimmer. Good pigmentation, almost opaque in one coat, here is two coats over Nubar Foundation base coat. My new bottle of Seche Vite played tricks with me, turning all thick and ugly and didn't want to level out at all, so any unevenness I blame on the top coat. I guess I got a bad bottle, I'll have to thin it a little before using it again.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Snygg färg! Förstår att temat knappast var vad du önskade. Det är lite kul att du hittat så många lack på just det temat ändå.

  2. Du har verkligen humor iaf mitt i allt det jobbiga! :-) Lacket ser urfint ut!

  3. Hi y'all,
    sorry for the late comment.
    Thanks Jessica and necessary nails, it is not a typical "me" color, I think I bought it mostly because I wanted all the polishes in this collection, but now that I've tried it, I like it very much. I still have it on my nails, with flakeys on top.
    Sminkan och Ninni, tack! Det känns bra att ha några virtuella nagelkompisar som stödjer, det betyder mer än ni tror!