lördag 17 november 2012

Depend 6005

In an attempt not to let the blog die completely, I recruited help. Therefore, I proudly present Polish Piglet Sonja, showing Depend 6005. 
This is one in the abundance of magnetic polishes that hit us this year. Actually, I like it very much. The pretty basic chocolate brown colour is given a pretty twist by some unexpected holographic glitter. Best seen on the unfocused picture below.

This is a single coat, no top coat. Very fast drying time. On larger nails, I would use two coats, but little miss Polish Piglet does not favor long periods of sitting still doing nothing with her hands. She'd rather go ahead and eat some candy, proof is in the pictures.

5 kommentarer:

  1. LOL, I think maybe also a chocolate piglet - so very cute - and welcome to Sonja :)

    1. Definitely a chocolate piglet!! I'll greet her from you, she thinks it's a thrill to be featured on mummy's blog :D

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