tisdag 2 mars 2010

Sinful and Innocent

A short post today to show you that I'm not dead after all, just way behind with my posting. Too much work, too little time.
I actually wore the Dior polish from the last post for two weeks straight, so there is nothing wrong with the durability of Dior Addict.

This weekend I changed my manicure and tried out Sinful Colours Glass Pink. How could such an innocent colour be called sinful?

This is what Cinderella wore to the famous ball, capturing the heart of the prince with her lovely fingers. I bet it's the same colour as her glass slippers!

Two coats over Nubar Foundation, SV as top coat. Lovely sheer glass flecked pink colour with a strong golden flash.
My left hand pinkie had an accident so this is my rarely photographed right hand.

8 kommentarer:

  1. Looks very nice.. Quite subtle but really beautiful color, so you are absolutely right about how it can be called "Sinful" hehe :) Its amazing to discover that people actually have left hands outthere :P

  2. Sweet and soft I think. Nice color and it suits you really nice!
    And your pictures are very nice....and do I see snow?? Lots of it?? Wonderfull!!

  3. Thank You for your comments!

    yes, it is a lot of snow here in Sweden. Very beautiful but a little tiring when you have a long driveway to clear :-)

  4. Thank you Nailtastic,
    I'm still wearing it and it still looks good!

  5. A really pretty color, I'm loving Sinful colors lately :) It reminds me of OPI Princesses Rule! xo

  6. Thanks Caitlin,

    You are right, there similar, but Sinful has a much stronger golden flash. If your a fanatic (not that I am, no,no 8p ) you'll need both of them. Right? :-D