onsdag 28 april 2010

My Kind of Mannequin

Today I bring you a short post showing last weeks manicure. Petites by Scherer Halo Beige. This polish is still on my nails, after a quick brush up with a fourth layer of polish, it had to make it another week. It holds up surprisingly well actually. Pictured is three thin coats and SV as top coat. It is a sheer polish, but that was what I wanted, so I'm happy with my vnl's. As the name suggests, it is beige, but has a subtle red flash to it. It reminds me of an old China Glace called Lady Sings the Hues. I like it a lot. Mannequin with a twist!

It will be even more quiet here the week to come. Tomorrow, I leave for a business trip and I will not be back until next friday.

Have a great spring week!

9 kommentarer:

  1. I definitely prefer that kind of mannequin.


  2. Laura,
    I agree. I have tried a few creme mannequin shades but I never feel really confident in wearing them. I like shimmers and flashes!
    I just got Claire's Mood Polish in the color Daring/Innocent. It looks like it is a creme, but temperature changing color, from beige to grey.. I'm so curious!

  3. The red flash in the Petites is really cool! And it looks so lovely on you too.
    I've never seen that China Glaze before, it has some great flash to it but it's definitely not a "me" color.

  4. Snyggt! Ett lack som är både "vuxet" och spännande. Mer än vad man ser vid första anblicken. Jag gillar!

  5. Mighty Lambchop;
    it is a really old CG, you can see that it has the "ridge" cap. If I remember right, the CG was much harder to get even but covered a little better than the Petites one.
    I get you, this hue isn't for everyone! I've kind of been bullied into using neutrals and sheers and I now I really like them.. I guess it just shows how adaptive the human being is...

    Tack! Det här ar ett "typiskt mig"-lack just nu, och det var en dröm att måla med. Rekommenderas varmt!
    (och jag funderar på att döpa om min blogg till "the Queen of Beige" :-p )

  6. Tack Sminkan,
    nu är jag hemma igen.

    Gaawd how n'Awleens rocks!

    More news coming, I made a haul.. ;-)