tisdag 25 augusti 2009

The Fine Art of Hoarding

The happy news that Hard Candy is reappearing gave me some food for thought. I looked in my trusted Helmer and counted my HC polishes and I came up with some 30+. A year ago I did not even know the brand existed.
What is it that makes certain individuals so proned to collecting things? Is it some genetic residue from the time when only she survived, who had collected enough nuts and roots and knew how to store them in a cunning way?

I suspect that is at least part of the answer. Myself, I'm not happy unless I'm on the hunt for something. The objects of my lemmings have shifted over the years.
I have a big book collection, quite a lot of strange adventure games and more miniature pigs than I care to mention ;-)

And nowadays, I'm feeding my Helmer a little something almost every day, and it brings me pleasure every time.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Oh my that is a dream scene for me! Lucky you with four Helmers. I have to get them. I'm so sick of having all these containers that I have to search thru to get what I want. I do have them seperated by color and labeled. How do you have yours filed? I'd love to see inside each drawer. Wish I was able to see them in person. I just haven't seen the perfect picture of them. I sort of want eye level. Can you try that? I'm being an immense pain, sorry.

  2. Lucy, I can't do a straight eye level picture beause they're standing next to my bed, and my camera hasn't enough fish eye lens to handle it. I'll try from the side.

    I have them organized by brand and country of origin. Inside brands I try to sort them by collection or by number if the brand doesn't do collections. I also have a database on my PalmPilot where I note colour, type of finish etc. So if I wan't a list of all my blue shimmers, I can easily find them even though they are not sorted by colour physically. (yes, I admit it: I'm a nerd with a data base.. :-) )