måndag 31 augusti 2009

The colourful world of… Beige

The other day I received my wonderful haul from Overall Beauty. Like so many others, I took very good advantage of their grate sale of BB Couture Nail Polish. If you’re not yet a subscriber to Overall Beauty’s mail list I strongly recommend that you run over there and subscribe pronto! The sale was exlusive to subscribers and offered BTGO, plus a top coat free of charge. As I have come to understand, such offers are not unusual in the U.S. but for us Europeans this is a great treat indeed!
Just look at all these gorgeous colours!
So, which of all the beautiful colours does this fun loving, colour crazy blogger choose to be the first to adorn her nails?

Yeah, you guessed it, the very beige Santa Monica Sands!
(might be because work starts again after vacation, and I’m in a new work place, and maybe want to wait a week or two before I give the new boss a brain hemorrhage.
Again, I might just be a coward…)

Santa Monica Sands is a very special polish. It looks like it fits snugly into the cathegory of BBB (Band-aidButBetter) but when you look closely, there is a subtle microglitter in the polish, and the glitter is multicoloured! I wonder if the sand in Santa Monica really looks like this, I might have to go there to find out.. J

The application was not without issues, it is a little thick and not very easy to get even. The microglitter makes I dry with a sand papery feel, I topped it with my complimentary Rock Hard top coat, but still it wasn’t completely smooth to the touch. Next time, I might try it with my trusted Seche Vite which gives a thick coat. This is not, however, something anybody but yourself will notice, and if you are not like me, obsessed with running your fingers over your polish to feel its smoothness, you’ll do fine without a top coat.

The notd was 3 coats and a topcoat. It is enough with two for coverage, but I had to use three to even it out. Just after applying it I was not very happy with the result, but this thing grows on you! I like it more and more, trying to spy out the microglitter in the sun or in strong artificial light. Yeah, this might be a winner after all!

6 kommentarer:

  1. I don't know, I don't think that I would be able to pull that off at all. It looks nice on you though!

  2. Very pretty on you. I love BB Couture Polish. Some days the roughness doesn't bother me. Others it does. You bought a nice selection of polishes. Hope that I have them all. That way it won't cost me any more money to buy more polish!

  3. Wow your nails look awesome! I wish mine where that long! If you really don't want to give your new boss a brain hemorrhage you better not wear Grenade.. lol its a kick butt take no names green! I am glad you really enjoyed your newest collection of BB Couture nail polish. Thanks for sharing your blog with me, I got your email :)

  4. gildedangel,
    Thank you, If you hang around here, you will see a lot of neutral colours, since I photograph what I wear. Today I digged up some old photos of my very favourite neutral but not polish, OPI DS Design.

    Lucy, I can feel that thought in my bones :-p
    So many blogs showing beautiful polish and I want them all..

    haha, I love Grenade, I put it first in the row, right? Not one for the Boss though.. ;-)
    Thanks for visiting!

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