måndag 24 augusti 2009

Ghetto Girl

I recently spied in one of my favourite blogs (ALU) that Hard Candy is planning a return on the (american) market.

Ever since I found out about this discontinued brand it has been one of my favourite "hunting objects" on e-bay. I love both the colour range and the tounge-in-cheek names. Today I did not have the time to do a proper manicure so I bring one from the vault.

Here is HC Ghetto Girl, wonderful to apply, quite opaque in two thin coats and a little bit smug "catch-me-if-you-can" douchrome!

7 kommentarer:

  1. Welcome to the world of beauty blogging!!! I am excited to see Hard Candy relaunch! I never had any of their original polishes :( Happy blogging!!!

  2. Hälsningar från Finland :-) Du har ett jättefint blog!

  3. Thank You for the welcome, Beautyjudy.
    I'm almost overwhelmed at the interest, already. My plan was to silently sneek in to the blogosphere..
    Anyway, I can be nothing but grateful about how I've been welcomed! Thanks to all of You!

  4. Amabile,
    Tack! Jag gillar finska bloggar jättemycket, men ibland skriver de bara på finska och då fattar jag ingenting.. :-D
    Så efter att ha tänkt lite på hur jag känner inför finska (och italienska och kinesiska och japanska) bloggar så bestämde jag mig för att skriva på engelska.. hoppas du kommer att trivas här.. :-)

  5. That's a beautiful shade! I'm happy that Hard Candy is making a comeback. I'm so happy your blog is being discovered!

  6. I love the shades of Hard Candy, I'll have to check them out wherever I find them. I think Walmart will have them.

  7. That is a beauty of a polish. I've never seen many of these swatched. I hope they bring out all of the old shades. I think that would make many people happy.