söndag 23 augusti 2009

Weekend Haul

Often, when friday night comes around, there are a few padded envelopes and parcels stacked around my computer. During the week, I'm pressed for time and can't always take the time needed to enjoy my latest bargains. It's not anything to complain about though, because it's not a bad beginning of the weekend, unwrapping a few polishes, usually oohing and aahing when the last evening light hit the bottles.

This weekend I found I'd been exceptionally lucky. Behold the Beauties:

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  1. I know that feeling! I received my BB Coutures the other day and still haven't opened them :/ Those Ciate's are lovely, not something we have here. Love the little bows.

  2. Ciaté is an English brand and not availible in Sweden eather, I ordered mine from England. i'll check if they ship outside Europe.

  3. OMG where did you get those Ciates????I'm need some desperately and I tried to contact the company twice but they never reply(btw I'm from Greece)

  4. The BB Couture polishes are all beautiful. Happy that your going to swatch them all. Really happy that you have the Ciates! I've seen a few swatched. This will be amazing. I love getting packages. It's like Christmas for you.

  5. Katie; I sent You a mail because I know it's hard to keep up with all your comments on different blogs. I'll post it here to, if someone else is interested..

    I noticed your comment on my blog about the Ciaté polishes. I ordered mine from this site:
    They sent my order within a week, and because it reached £70, there was no shipping cost. Right now there is a sale for Ciaté polish and I'm very happy with my haul. They don't specify if they ship internationally, but they did to me without a single question.

    Thanks for reading my blog :-)