onsdag 26 augusti 2009

It's Raining! (and I can tell you, it's not men)

So much for my plan of getting all my glittering Hard Candy polishes out in the sun for a photo session.

Hard rain all day, and it's been so dark outside it feels like a perpetual dusk.

To brighen things up a little bit, here is a very girlie notd from the archives. To stick with my recent htf theme, it is Hard Candy Jailbait.

4 kommentarer:

  1. That is a great NOTD! Such a pretty color!

  2. Thank you, I like it too :-)

    It was a bit on the shear side, I think this is 4 coats + top coat and I still had a little bit of VNL but I didn't care, I was content.

    And this stuff wears like iron! I had the mani for a solid 8 days and it didn't show much wear then eather (but by then it had begun to "crackle" like old china due to the nails chainging their form when they're wet)

  3. Very pretty shade on you. I don't have any of this brand. I love shimmers and glitters. Nice that it wears so well.

  4. Lucy, if you like shimmers and glitters you really should try Hard Candy. I don't think I have ever seen a creme polish from HC. Usually it's no ordinary shimmers eather, they have a little edge to them, a douchrome or strong flash. Jailbait is actually unusually ordinary for being a HC, the edgy part of this polish is the name I guess.. ;-)