onsdag 21 oktober 2009

Love’Em Leave’Em

It is true, I have polish on my nails this week too. I'm just a little slow telling about it. I did not pick any polish from the weekend's polish spree, but stuck to my earlier decision. I present to You: Color Club's Love’Em Leave’Em!

Beautiful polish with just enough holo effect to make it really interesting. However, my bottle was a PITA to apply. Thick and messy, I thinned it since and now it seems to be going on the nail a little better, but if I compare it to my favourite OPI DS Design this is really a case of Love’Em Leave’Em!

Three coats + top coat here.

5 kommentarer:

  1. I love how this color is a holo so it is fun, but it is still a wearable color!

  2. Oh, it does look good on you! Mine wasn't too thick on me, but I think there was another one from that collection that was a little thick - maybe the purple holo? I added a couple drops of thinner to it, and that did the trick. I think it may have been the purple holo, for sure, now that I think about it.

  3. My mom is in love with this color. It really is pretty isn't it. An unexpected color for a holo I think.

  4. gildedangel:
    Thanks, I got a whole work week's wear out of it, so I'm very happy with it. Subtle but interesting..

    Thanks, it's growing on me. I put a few drops of thinner in it after my initial battle with the polish and I think it did the trick! I refeshed it once during the week and it went on much better.

    Yeah, Your mom and me.. ;-)
    Probably, we have the same taste, maybe we're the same age too?
    Anyways, send her my regards :-D :-x

  5. That's a lovely shade on you. I haven't worn mine yet so I don't know if it's too thick.