lördag 24 oktober 2009

Saturday Night Bling

I hauled a couple of polishes from BarryM recently, and they were waiting in my mail box last night. One of them looked so tempting in the bottle I had to try it immediately. This is one quick coat of Hologram Hexagrams over my one week old, scuffed mani with Love’em Leave’em. Blingtastic!

5 kommentarer:

  1. I love how huge the glitter is, very pretty!

  2. Yes, I was surprised by it myself, that was why I had to try it on as soon as I got it, even though I knew it would be a PITA to remove today (which it was, phew!)

  3. I have this too, its really cool and different :D Which others did you get then? :)

  4. rijaH:
    Hrmm,I don't use the name PolishPig without reason..
    Current BarryM:

    Aqua Green 285
    Baby Blue 122
    Cyan Blue 294
    Emerald Green 284
    Hologram Hexagrams 244
    Lime Green 137
    Mint Green 304
    Neon Pink 920
    Pink Gold Shimmer 281
    Pink Iridescent 264
    Racing Green 299
    Silver Sea 217
    Spring Green 290
    Turquoise 295
    Violet Gold Shimmer 280


  5. Love the holo glitter. Various sizes of glitter is gorgeous.