tisdag 27 oktober 2009

Uptown Girl!

This is the manicure of the week.

One picture is taken in the dying daylight with aid of the camera flash, one is taken in artificial lightning (halogen) with flash. Since it is dark when I leave for work and dark when I return home, if I don’t get a professional “light box”, this is how my photos are going to look during the winter. You (and myself) might just as well get used to it.

In this case, I think I got the polish look spot on. In some light, it looks fairly light rose, and when I first saw it in the bottle, I thought that this must be the most boring colour ever. But, not so!
This lovely Essie polish changes faces with light, and what is soft rose one minute is sophisticated beige the next. Besides that, the polish is a charm to apply. Almost opaque in one coat, two thin coat was truly great and is what I show here, with one coat of base and CG FF on top.

I never had so many “slink moments” with a beige polish as with Uptown Taupe. This makes me feel very sophisticated and uptown indeed! J

6 kommentarer:

  1. THis is so beautiful! Did you get my email?! You won my contest for the No6 polishes!! :)

  2. That is a gorgeous polish on you!

  3. Beautyjudy;
    No, not until now. You really made my day whith that news, Horay!!

  4. Great polish for work. Thank you for showing this!

  5. Just for information:
    I did a quick fix today, with a new coat of polish and then I tried out Essie Matte About You over it all. Awesome!
    I will try to get a decent picture but I work all the weekend so maybe you will just have to take my word for granted. If You find this polish and love a subtle but beautiful manicure, buy it!!

  6. Love this shade. Really pretty on you. Congrats on winning the polishes.