söndag 4 oktober 2009

One for the Prince!

Well there it is, I fell in love again!
China Glace No Tan Lines is from a summer collection called Bali Bliss. I’m not sure when it was launched, but it was before 2005. So this is not free of any chemical, and the odour is quite strong. The application was flawless however, a wonderful full but not moppy brush made the polish almost opaque in just one coat. In the pictures are two thin coats over base, with CG Fast Forward on top.

Now, let me tell you about this polish. It is not easy to capture in pictures, especially today as the weather is cloudy, with rain hanging in the air.

That is why, after the first picture in natural light (last of the pictures here), I went to a dark corner of my house and took the rest of the photos using the camera flash. In natural daylight, No Tan Lines looks like a pale gold, with a very subtle iridescence, making the colour deeper at the sides of the nails. Almost like a deep red shimmer can look black at the sides, but of course much lighter and more subtle. Maybe you can pick some of it up in the first picture, otherwise, you’ll just have to take my word for it ;-)

In artificial light, this polish transforms itself like Cinderella making ready for the ball. Suddenly, there is a world of shiny, gold sparkle in the shimmer, and it turns from a light and washed out gold to pure 24 k! And if you look up close, you will find a fine holo glitter throwing little sparks in all the colours of the rainbow! That’s when the polish really stuns you. More on the close up view later.
No wonder I’m in love. I have a spare of this colour, and I was going to put it on my exchange list, but I rapidly changed my mind. This is for keeps, I need a back up!

It might not be the most work appropriate polish in the world, it looked much more subtle in the bottle. But now that I’ve seen the beauty of it, no way I’m taking it off. No Tan Lines stays on, and I guess I’ll just show my beautifully manicured third finger to anyone who complains about it (naw, just kidding.. ;-D )

Word of advice ladies: If you plan on spending the day under crystal chandeliers, gracefully holding out your hand to have it kissed by a multitude of Prince Charmings...
– Wear No Tan Lines, and you will stun them all!

4 kommentarer:

  1. This is a lovely polish, the color looks great on you!

  2. This is a stunning shade of polish. I've never seen it swatched before. Your nails look lovely. I can see all the different colors in it.

  3. Thank You!
    Sometimes neither words or pictures is enough, this is a stunning experience if you love nail polish! It is not really a duochrome, it is not really a glitter or a shimmer.
    It is a little bit of everything I love in a polish!

  4. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.