tisdag 9 mars 2010

My Stash (part 1)!

Taking a deep breath and steadying myself. Do I really dare to show you this?

Obviously insane, or just a little nutty? You decide!
(and this post is picture heavy, so if you're not into polish porn, just feel free to move along)
Actually, because of my very limited blogging knowledge, I will have to divide this post into parts, because of the many pictures.

Maybe some of you will find a use for this post when your SO has issues with you buying too many polishes. Just direct him to me, I'll take care of him ;-)

I have six Helmers. Adorable pets all of them, if you just feed them regularly (but never after midnight..)

I sort my polishes by countries, brands and collections, in that order.

First picture: Nailart and Konads in the first drawer, then OPI.

Second picture: More OPI. (and some free space for future hauls)

OPI and China Glaze, probably my favorite brands if I had to choose.

More China Glaze, and Sally Hansen.

That is the end of Part One, stayed tuned...

11 kommentarer:

  1. Are all the helmers full? *faints*

  2. nihrida,

    pictures are coming..

    I'm so happy to see you here, *hugs*!

  3. Wow!!!! You have quite the collection!

  4. Daaaaamn I am just amazed by your collection! :o

  5. Oh.... I'm speachless...

  6. Thank you for the comments!
    This is just something that could happen when you get a few Helmers too feed. I put a few bottles in a drawer, and then a few more.. suddenly the drawer is filled and I have to divide it in two, and on it goes :-)

  7. Holy Mary, mother of God! Hahaha! You're awesome. I love the polish porn, I must say! And I love your organization in the nail art drawer.

  8. Nicole,
    thank you for your comment, it makes me proud knowing you are reading my blog once in a while. I love polish porn too ;-)

    The organization in the nail art drawer are the work of IKEA rather than me. They have these drawer inlays in plastic, if you have Helmers just ask for them, they're about $3 a piece.

  9. Wow........I thought we hd a lot.....hahaha.....well no you are talking about stash!!!!! It looks so great all these helmers on row. I have only one of them....
    Great post you made!!!!

    I thought I already posted it over here but can't find it nomore. Maybe I did something wrong :-)
    But I tagged you for: 10 "Things That Make Me Happy Tag" http://romikanails.blogspot.com/2010/03/10-things-that-make-me-happy-tag.html
    Hope you don't mind!

  10. Romika,
    thanks for the tag, I'm flattered to be tagged!
    I'll post about it, but probably not before the weekend, I'm pressed for time on week days.

  11. Wow is all I can say. 6 Helmers!?! That is simply amazing and looks fantastic!