tisdag 9 mars 2010

My Stash (part 2)!

Here is part two of this crazy post:

Two more drawers of Sally Hansen, then we have other american brands, like CoverGirl, Piggy Polish, Milani and Ruby Kisses.

Picture number six: Misa, RBL and Revlon.

More Revlon, then Orly, $OPI, Spa Ritual, Color Club, Del Sol and CND.

Nubar, Essie, BB Couture, Nyx and Sinful Colors.

Butter London, Zoya, MAC, ManGlaze, Hard Candy, Urban Decay and Maybelline.

Stay tuned for the last installment!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Love stash posts! & everytime I see someone else with theirs arranged by brand I think, I should switch back to that. But then Mom comes looking for a particular color, and I'm glad I can just direct her to a single drawer LOL =)

  2. hihi,
    lucky me my mom doesn't wear polish.. ;-)
    I debated with myself a hundred times about the best way to stay in top of your collection. The simple answer is: I can't anyway!

    I had an idea I could sample colors from color wheels but that did not happen (I bought a lot of wheels, but coloring them, nah..)

    So, now I just lean on my memory. Since it is short indeed, I can almost always talk myself into buying a new polish because of the unique color I don't have before... heh!

  3. Your collection is so awesome, I am amazed at your organization!

  4. I really surprised that I hit the spot by sending you BarryM's haha :P You have like every other polish brand in the world! :D

  5. Thanks Gildedangel!

    I was very happy for that too. I had a few BarryM but not a single one of the colors you sent me. And I really liked them too, super cool.
    Unfortunatelly I don't often have opportunity to wear bright polish (I'm thinking of renaming the blog "The Queen of Beige".. :-p