tisdag 9 mars 2010

My Stash (part 3)!

Here is the final part, this is the one that really tells it all ;-)

Pure Ice, LA Colors (and LA Girls), Wet 'n Wild and other assorted american brands.

Picture eleven: First two drawers is swedish polish (H&M, Viva la Diva, Depend, Make Up Store and Isadora). Third drawer is english polish (Ciaté, Illamasqua, Model's Own, Nail Inc and BarryM).

More english polish in first drawer (Rimmel, MaxFactor and other brands), french polish in second drawer (mostly L'Oreal). My last drawer is reserved for the rest of the world! :-)

Well, I guess this labels me a polish hoarder by all known definitions.
How about you'll? Do you want to show me your stash?

9 kommentarer:

  1. Love, love, love these pictures! So fun to see! Thanks for taking the time to show us your enormous polish stash! :-D

  2. I prefer to not show anything when its compared to your stash haha :P I have 1 helmer and its not even half full ;)

  3. Thanks Nailtastic, the pleasure have been all mine, (but a wee anxiety thrown in, wondering if you just would decide me totally b famous

  4. Wowww! I think this is the first time I've seen your blog and I love the pictures of your stash!! It made me a little jealous :] Haha. Mine is teeny compared to this.

  5. Thanks Tierny,
    I love my stash, even if it makes me a compulsive hoarder. Polish is a cheap way to go over the top ;-)

  6. WOW! I showed my mom the pictures of your stash and she's like "Do you really need so many? There has to be dupes everywhere!", I'm like "OMG MOM! Of course you do! There's so many different colours out there." She just don't get it, I do! :P

  7. Karin,
    haha, my mum and my husband kinda says the same thing.. :-p

    The good thing about having a big stash is, it is really impossible to keep track of all the colors. So I keep telling myself, nah, you don't got a dupe for that lovely color.. or that one.. or this one.. well you get my point! :-D

  8. Wow, inte illa! Men blir det inte jobbigt när lacken får stå för sig själva? Alltså, ramlar de inte även om du har gummimatta under?
    Jag har alla mina i diverse lådor, de som inte fyller en hel Helmerlåda alltså.

  9. SaintBella,

    Sometimes they fall when I open a drawer but I can feel how heavy the drawer is as I start pulling it. If it is light weight, I go carefully.
    There is a very easy remedy to cure this problem that I use all the time: Just fill the drawer! ;-D