onsdag 2 september 2009

Running With Perfection!

So, unfortunately, my poor nails couldn't cope with with my new work, and before two days had gone by, I had three split nails. I decided to try the repair kit from Orly that I have read much praise about, I was not very happy about it but I'll tell You that story in a different post.
Today it's simply a new NODT, in the middle of the week which is a tad unusual for me. I choose a colour that has been waiting in my stash since my last visit to New York almost a year ago. Sephora by OPI, Run With It!

Well, I'm truly in love! Flawless application in two coats, beautiful colour and a very secret shimmer..

Forgivness for my nail ridges and terrible cuticles, I put this on last night after trying to mend my nails with the Orly set, and since then I really have abused my hands today. As soon a I came home tonight , I pulled out the camera to catch the dying sun, no time to tend to cuticles. Unfortunately, my ridge filler is begging to be retired as well, so the close-ups are not very flattering.

On ordinary wiewing distance though, Run With It! looks absolutely stunning!!

4 kommentarer:

  1. So sorry about your nails cracking. Have you tried taking Biotin? My nails have been improving with it. I love that color. I think the Sephora OPI's are pretty good colors. Your nails look pretty. I don't see bad cuticles or ridges.

  2. Lucy:
    Thank You, Maybe it is a case of "you see what you know is there? I have neer seen anything like that, but they´re probably becuse they are sisters---

  3. I'm sorry that your nails are splitting, do you use a nail stregthener? I love that polish on you, it is gorgeous!

  4. I don't think you give your nails enough credit - they look really good in the photo! I like that color!